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  1. kelliegator

    Netflix 'Sexy Beasts': A furry dating show?

    I've seen the trailer and I wish I could unsee that fucking shit. That dolphin lady is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my fucking life.
  2. kelliegator

    What is your most interesting possession?

    I have a real velociraptor tooth. It's tiny. .w.
  3. kelliegator

    Anthro reptiles with breasts?

    I think it depends on the context. My fursona has boobs, 'cause she's supposed to be me and I like my boobs. But for a fictional universe I'm working on the reptile anthros don't have boobs, because... there's really no narrative reason for it. So there you go.
  4. kelliegator

    Pepe le Pew's canceled, updated thoughts / WB girls

    My problem with your walls of text is that you assume you're some kind of expert on human behavior. As cheesy as it sounds, everyone has a different way to view the world so I don't really buy into all this talk that you totally know how people work.
  5. kelliegator

    Pepe le Pew's canceled, updated thoughts / WB girls

    What kind of incel nonsense is this? Ugly men (both on the inside and outside) get dates all the bloody time.
  6. kelliegator

    Pepe le Pew's canceled, updated thoughts / WB girls

    The funny thing is that WB probably didn't intend to "cancel" Pepe at all and just cut his scene for time or story flow or some other reason. I strongly doubt it was a political decision.
  7. kelliegator

    Pepe le Pew's canceled, updated thoughts / WB girls

    The idea of a boycott movement over a cartoon skunk is the funniest thing in the world to me. And I'm the Pepe le Pew fan. rofl.
  8. kelliegator

    Pepe le Pew's canceled, updated thoughts / WB girls

    I love Pepe le Pew. .w. But I also understand it's a hard premise to sell in the 21st century. I'm gonna miss him, but I guess that's what fanart is for. Hue. Also, I'm surprised anyone except me cared enough about Pepe to make a thread this long with heated arguments about rape and wokeness...
  9. kelliegator

    Second draft basics?

    I'd love to but I don't have any friends IRL to read it and it's in Swedish so I don't think I can show it to any online friends I have, either. ;w; Maybe someone from the family? I just worry they'll be too nice or whatever.
  10. kelliegator

    Second draft basics?

    I'm sorry I keep making threads here but I'm just pretty excited about having almost finished the first draft for my current project, but I'm still a little rusty after not having written for a while and as such I need some basic advice here. I don't quite remember what I should do once the...
  11. kelliegator

    Ferals and Anthros in the same world?

    In a project I'm working on ferals and anthros live in the same world. The difference is that anthros are mutated into being anthro and ferals are not. So the anthros are clearly something different from ferals.
  12. kelliegator

    Can a story be too short?

    I'm kind of embarrassed here because you're asking questions that I didn't think so hard about. :S Well, main character is the civilian, who meets the cyborg early on. A little closer to the middle they meet the soldier. The war is kind of an interventionist kind of thing where the humans are...
  13. kelliegator

    Can a story be too short?

    I always feel weird sharing details of unfinished work but basically it's a war story of sorts where a civilian, a cyborg and a soldier on Earth is trying to get to the planet Mars, where the Earth's political and financial elites reside, to confront leading politicians and try to stop the war...
  14. kelliegator

    Can a story be too short?

    I'm not sure what I'm writing fits into any of those categories but it may when it's finished and this helps me put things into perspective, thanks. Now I just have to worry about writing a satisfying ending and... I'm kind of clueless. .w.
  15. kelliegator

    Can a story be too short?

    Well, I haven't planned it very well but I have a beginning and a middle and I'm sort of approaching the end now. I'm not entirely sure how it should end but I know I'm close. I dunno if that answers any question. Oh yeah, that's true. I haven't read Lovecraft. .w.
  16. kelliegator

    Can a story be too short?

    Maybe a dumb question, but one I've been thinking about when working on my latest project. It was never intended to be long. In fact, I haven't really intended for it to be longer than a 100 pages, or even 80. But even so, I'm wondering if I'm writing something that's a little too short because...
  17. kelliegator

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    I feel I should apologise for this in advance.
  18. kelliegator

    Vent Thread

    I hate to get all depressing on you guys but life feels so hard even though it shouldn't because I don't even have a "real job" and spend most of my days at home in front of my TV. Yet... ugh. I don't know why I get out of bed in the morning, I don't know why I cook, I don't know why I do...
  19. kelliegator

    Buried regrets!

    I regret selling all those metal CDs and vinyls all those years ago but I was short on money and had convinced myself I was "done" with metal at the time, so that's why I did it. But I really want some of those records back. Bleh.
  20. kelliegator

    Soooooooo any Linux users out there?

    I recently decided to use Manjaro Cinnamon and I like it a lot. Certainly provides more freedom and flexibility than MacOS, which I used before.