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  1. cutechem

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Icons!

    hey! I'll be doing these for 5USD via paypal I am confident in feline and canine types, but I am willing to try others, just be aware I am not confident in them. Lines and shading are done using the pixel tool, background will be a solid color of your choice with some decals (clouds, stars...
  2. cutechem

    Free Art: Sketch + Up) Practice Wanted!

    hi hiya hello~! I joined FA so I could get better at anthro of all types. all ive done is managed to get more and more invested in my elf druid chara D: drop a ref to a fursona or two and I'll sketch them*. if I cant do something I'm happy with for anthro, I'll likely do feral. *posting...
  3. cutechem


    Hello everyone! I'm cutechem and I'm very new to the community. I've moved most of my art posting to FA after tumblr did it's big goof. I've been dancing around the word furry and avoiding its communities for so long but like.... ive had a sona for 8+ years. Its probably time I meet some...