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  1. ModifiedRabbit

    Commissions! As low as $12 for sketch work!

    Hello! My name is Modified Rabbit and I offer a wide range of commission art including but not limited to sketch work, line art, gray shaded work, full color and physical paintings! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Check out my FA for many more sample pieces and deals! I am...
  2. ModifiedRabbit

    Christmas YCHs - Some Starting at only $15!

    My FA is here if youd like to check out any of these YCHs! I also have plenty of deals and non holiday themed ychs. NSFW and SFW. Get em while they last! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Below are some of the YCHs I have listed for Christmas!
  3. ModifiedRabbit

    Cheap Headshot Deals!

    Well, since images seem to be spotty for me on this site, no matter how i go about it, ill just have to provide a link to the post on FA as well, just in case. Its very nice quality work for a nice price too! 10$ USD greyshade or 20$ USD digital color headshots! Message me here or FA if...
  4. ModifiedRabbit

    Printing Place Recommendations

    So, I am trying to get some prints made with a gold foil part on it, and i am having a hard time finding a good printer online and off. I tried Catprint and they were horrible with their print but also their customer service. So im wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Im hoping to get...
  5. ModifiedRabbit

    Doing Chinese and Astralogical Zodiac Adopts-Cant decide which to start with

    Title kind of explains it all, but its kind of long so yeah. lol Im wanting to work on not only chinese zodiac themed adopts, but the astrological ones as well, but i cant seem to decide which one I want to start with first. I figured i could work on two at a time. One from each type of...
  6. ModifiedRabbit

    Halloween Deals!

    Doing some nice cheap art for Halloween! Two specials, a good few YCH pieces coming in the next day or two, and a couple of halloween adopts available. For this post, were focusing on the Specials! More deets here: www.furaffinity.net: Halloween Sketch/Greyshade Deal! CHEAP coms! by...
  7. ModifiedRabbit

    Halloween Themed YCH's and Adopts!

    One or more of these will only have a description with a link, as they are NSFW (Gore). The rest will have a photo with the starting price and link for you to take, if interested. =] Some are done traditionally and some a mix of traditional lining and shading with digital coloring. They are...
  8. ModifiedRabbit

    Runway Model Collab YCH

    Decided to start doing a few collab YCH pieces where I do the line art and another artist does coloring. Ill be working with a few artists that have different coloring styles so keep an eye out for those if you dont quite like this ones coloring style. =] Auction Link: www.furaffinity.net...
  9. ModifiedRabbit

    Whos up for a YCH collab?

    So, for a while ive been thinking about doing a collab YCH where i do linework etc and someone else does coloring. I would have acted on this thought sooner but the problem of me being a traditional artist arises. Though, I do very clean work, I know that plenty of people prefer to not bother...
  10. ModifiedRabbit

    Hello to you

    Welp, My name is Cody (AKA Modified Rabbit). Im not really what youd call a furry, but I do a lot of furry art. Im a commission artist and a little over a year ago I got one of my first furry related commissions and since then, ive come to really enjoy doing furry art. I also find the furry...
  11. ModifiedRabbit

    Signature issue

    Ive tried posting an image to my signature and it shows it in the preview but once i hit save it isnt there any longer. I do the image bit like im suppose to and such. Is there like a character limit or anything? It doesnt say why and says its been saved so..
  12. ModifiedRabbit

    Adopt Bundles and Sales!

    So, its been a while since ive posted here and ive made many more adopts and such for FA. I have a good few with nice full bundles of works as well and thought id show you. You can find more than these on my FA (as well as commission info and MANY YCH pieces): Userpage of modifiedrabbit -- Fur...
  13. ModifiedRabbit

    Adoptables, Badges and YCH auctions! 10$+

    Okay, so I have a few adoptables and YCH auctions still up. Thought id post a few of the newer ones and older available pieces still. Also thought id remind that i do traditional badges as well. Feel free to message me here or FA if you have any questions about these or would like some custom...
  14. ModifiedRabbit

    Valentines YCH Auctions!

    Okay so, Valentines day is coming up soon and what better gift to give your partner than a piece featuring you both, you, or them! I have multiple YCH auctions running that feature one to two characters in many different cute poses and such. *Photobucket is having issues atm so ill post links...
  15. ModifiedRabbit

    CUSTOM BADGES $10 - $30 USD

    +This is the main piece for badge order info. I will have separate samples posted for you to see better throughout the next few days, on my FA account. If you would like one of a custom character or character you are a fan of, MESSAGE ME HERE on my account...
  16. ModifiedRabbit

    Color Bust - $20

    Well, after Halloween (which is when my October sale on many things ends), i will be raising my prices. I felt like I should have some sort of deal to kick off those raised prices in good spirits. lol So i decided to do full color bust pieces for 20$ each. (NSFW or SFW) Rather than doing...
  17. ModifiedRabbit

    Commission Work: 5$ and up!

    Im offering commission work for a range of 5$ on up past 100$. I like to offer a wide range of work for people to fit their budget, yet still not put me out of business on supply cost. lol Every commission has its own cost based on size detail and medium used. These prices set here are basic...
  18. ModifiedRabbit

    Adoptable and YCH Auctions! 10$+ and Autobuy Options!

    Some posted are only links since i can only have 10 images on here Alright, so a good few of my adoptables have found homes, but there are a good few that have not. I decided to post them all for you, so that you may see them and possibly adopt them if youd like. Below are the adopts and the...
  19. ModifiedRabbit

    Summer May Sale - Traditional art 5$+

    For the rest of may, im pretty much cutting my prices in HALF! **HUGE SALE** So take advantage while it lasts! :3 Here are the revised prices below and any other sale I have going for May. Message me if you have any questions or want to order artwork. Payment is due up front through paypal...
  20. ModifiedRabbit

    Custom Sketchbook Auction

    (Art in the photo are just some samples of most of the types of work that would go in the sketchbook) I just started up a custom sketchbook auction on DA. This is my first one. I decided to do this instead of a raffle, since raffles arent accepted on many sites. This sketchbook wont just be...