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  1. kelliegator

    Second draft basics?

    I'm sorry I keep making threads here but I'm just pretty excited about having almost finished the first draft for my current project, but I'm still a little rusty after not having written for a while and as such I need some basic advice here. I don't quite remember what I should do once the...
  2. kelliegator

    Can a story be too short?

    Maybe a dumb question, but one I've been thinking about when working on my latest project. It was never intended to be long. In fact, I haven't really intended for it to be longer than a 100 pages, or even 80. But even so, I'm wondering if I'm writing something that's a little too short because...
  3. kelliegator

    I think I've ran out of ideas. :/

    I'm not sure if my problem can be called writer's block or what, but for a long time I haven't written anything at all but right now I'm trying to sort of get back into the swing of things. My problem is that I'm working on a short story or novel type thing, but I keep getting stuck and not...
  4. kelliegator


    Hello, I'm Kellie Gator, or just Kellie. In a fit of boredom I decided to check out these forums. Well, technically I was a regular on older incarnations of this forum some 6-10 years ago but I've decided to start over from scratch and hopefully get along with folks and post stuff. Nice to...