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  1. Arlethallan

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Cute icon commissions $15+

    I'm offering cheap icons rn.10% off when you order matching icons! If interested please dm me. Flats are 15$ Shaded are 25$ art examples:
  2. Arlethallan

    redraw thread!

    I couldn't find a redraw a picture that you've made before thread so I figured I would make one!. I'll get us started! the first one was from 2019 the second was from 2021!
  3. Arlethallan

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Valentines day YCHS (15)

    Hello everyone! I'm opening up some YCH for Valentine day. They would make great gifts for a loved one or get yourself one :3c They are 15$ each, let me know if your interested own below or slide into my dm's. There are also some spicy ones but they are under the spoilers because while they...
  4. Arlethallan

    (Commission) Selling: 25 % off commission sale $8 - $98!

    Puppies are expensive, so im having a 25% off sale! Below are examples of my art and the new prices! Let me know if your interested :3 Note: Newer pieces are the ones not in collages Cleaned up Sketches! -Just a sketch- 7.50$ -Sketch with flat colors- 11.25$ -Shaded Sketch-15 Flat...
  5. Arlethallan

    (Commission) Selling: Human and anthro commissions starting at 10$

    Hello all, i'm a lil short on cash so time to open up commissions! Please pm me or comment below if you are interested. Payment will be through paypal,and will be half before i start and half before i send the high res file. I have a bunch of options, please take a glance and let me know if...
  6. Arlethallan

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Small Valentine themes YCHs

    Small valentine themed ych's for sale ! Each are $10 dollars each, and are going to be lined and flat colored when completed. Payment through paypal would be preferable :3 Pm me or comment below if interested. Can be made to telegram sticker specs if requested.
  7. Arlethallan

    pst anyone want some nsfw pics?

    I want to practice nsfw art because i'm still not super comfortable drawing it. If your interested, please put a reference of your character and the pose( or a description but that'll be harder to go off of lol.) I probably won't be able to do one for everyone who responds, so i'll just pick the...
  8. Arlethallan

    New icon opinions wanted

    Hey y'all i made a new icon for myself,and i really like it,but it still looks kind of wonky, so could y'all telling if it looks weird to y'all, cus i just can figure out why it looks off. The icon in question:
  9. Arlethallan

    commissions open! 7-60$

    Hello all, i'm a lil short on cash so iv'e opened up five slots for commissions! Please pm me if you are interested. Payment will be through paypal,and will be half before i start and half before i send the high res file. 1.[taken] 2.Open 3.Open 4.Open 5.Open Lineless shaded- Refrence Sheet...
  10. Arlethallan

    Muzzle practice

    I need to practice drawing muzzles because I just can't right now, like at all. I also don't have any characters with muzzles so don't really have any one to draw :( So! Any chance two-three people wanna let me practice on their characters and get free art out of it? Link to my gallery for...
  11. Arlethallan

    First Fursona- opinions?

    so i am extremely new to this community, and i finally made myself a little fursona- i think that's the term?- shes a little cow satyr. I think shes cute,however it is the first time i've drawn an anthro or furry,so I would like to know y'alls opinions cause i don't know what I'm doing. I think...