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    Lens addicts?

    Anyone else fascinated with all things lenses? Anyone have a favorite with a special rendering? Anyone else strangely drawn to the radioactice thorium glass lenses (like the takumar 50mm f/1.4)? Anyone have a must own lens? Mine for example are the cheap holga dslr plastic lens and the beautiful...
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    Hey! I would love to be a part of the fandom!

    Hello everyone. I'm currently an undergrad applied mathematics student (entering my fourth year). I will then be entering graduate school where I plan to receive my masters and then PhD in engineering (mechanical). I'm mostly interested in math, science, casual photography, music, and animals...
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    Has anyone else watched this movie from Brice and Duplass? It's the first movie since Blair witch to really freak me out. I love scary movies and see everything that comes out. Most have no effect but this had me looking over my shoulder for a few days. It's not exactly furry, but it sort of is...