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    Species 2 themed RP

    I've had this idea for an RP based on the second Species movie, where the boy in the ambulance at the end absconds with Eve, the Sil clone's baby. Here's an example of a possible first post: The little boy sat in the back of the ambulance, watching the dead woman's belly expand with life. The...
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    Looking for horror sci fi partners

    Anyone up for some science fiction and maybe fantasy flavoured horror RPs? Can go SFW or NSFW. Themes I enjoy include accelerated growth, transformation, gore, and inhumanity.
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    Species RP

    Want to do an RP based on the classic 90's B-Movie. Anyone interested?
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    Anyone want to RP this? Kids turned giant monsters on a rampage

    It'd definitely be a black comedy kind of thing. No adult stuff.