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    Server ARRIVED! Fa's return right around the corner.

    So what is going to happen with the forums? I noticed the the beta has been connected to this forum and I was wondering if it was going to stay that way or if you were going to try and bring back the other set of forums.
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    OK, I have always wanted to try this. After looking over what AuroranDragon and ElazulAoneko wrote, I came up with this. Can someone tell me what I did right and what I did wrong so I can better at this? thanx *Haia finally sees land after racing a storm for almost an hour. With his strength...
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    So.... what have you been drawing?

    I can't say I draw much, and if I do it's dragons :) I'd rather write than draw and plan on uploading some stuff when FA comes online
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    yea, I'm a noobie, fill me in!

    ouch! *snaps at PaNdA* I may be a noobie but that doesn't mean I don't bite :wink: What sites do people normally use? like; FA VCL furnation pounced.org deviantart What other sites do people normally use for art or stories?
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    yea, I'm a noobie, fill me in!

    OMG yea!! I found his site one day google searching *edited out :D* I liked the site and the stories on there :). I wish he would have kept updating it :( Here's the link for the site http://www.furry.org.au/dragonspot/home.html like I said, this is where I found it. Is it ok that I use this...
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    yea, I'm a noobie, fill me in!

    hi! name's riccusio, ric for short, I'm a noobie here and would love to get into this. I love all sorts of dragons and furries in general. biggest question, are you using this forum atm or the beta one more? guess I'll find out in how many replies I get :)