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    cactuar...in another game?

    here are screenshots of...a cactuar model i found on "the specialists", a 3rd party total conversion for half-life. http://www.wheresthe.com/flying_box/teh%20site/cactuar.zip its zipped....so...download it and check them out. i have like 300 models...and i just happened to run into one...
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    from the dusty 2-year-old harddrive

    ********ok i have fixed it....it doesnt like it being a .bmp... i made this about 2-3 years ago, in the game starsiege tribes. the graphics are REALLY dated and sucky, but its cool that people can do stuff like this. http://www.deviantart.com/view/21965489/ i had to use paint to...
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    ZOTOB attack

    i heard from CNN that there was a virus/worm/whatever was released around new york and washington. it took out major networks like nike, some att, and so on....not to mention it took out some power plants. the power plant thing just made it scary. Now what? a hack that can launch U.S's...