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  1. annethecatdetective

    My art and official artist shoutout thread

    You have a great collection-- thanks for shining the spotlight on so many artists with so many different styles, too!
  2. annethecatdetective

    Cat Detective's Commissions

    Adding my portfolio blog: atcdportfolio.tumblr.com: Case Files of a Cat Detective Which has a lot of better examples, from before I lost a lot of files from my old computer, both of digital and traditional work, though it's not all furry.
  3. annethecatdetective

    Why Did You Pick Your Gender??

    It varies. My main fursona doesn't have a gender... they don't really need one. Like sometimes I still refer to them as 'she' if, like... I put them in a dress and I don't want to get into 'this character doesn't have a human concept of 'gender'' explanation, because it's easier... With video...
  4. annethecatdetective

    Cat Detective's Commissions

    Heyo! Your friendly neighborhood Cat Detective here, and I am opening up my commissions with some special limited SALE pricing-- At some point in the future, I'm going to update pricing guides and most things are going to cost more, but I often offer special rates, either for a limited time...
  5. annethecatdetective

    CatDetective's Sketchbook

    An old pone art... Watercolor dragons. Though without inking, they're not very distinct... Space invader 'gator in progress. Sophie the arctic fox... Miss Socks... and my beloved monster. He's a furry shadow creature, he shifts between three main shapes and manifests tentacles, but...
  6. annethecatdetective

    Oregon furs

    Been in Oregon a year now, moved up to live closer to family. A nice place, when it isn't on fire... (kind of thought I moved away from fire season) I missed out on the last couple Furlandia cons, but am hoping for next year. Anthro Northwest is just out of my travel zone.
  7. annethecatdetective

    LGBT groups

    I feel like a lot of this is a misunderstanding of what a 'safe space' is and what it should do. Safe spaces aren't there to radicalize people, and while high school/college kids in many countries aren't going to land in jail for being anything other than cis/het, there are a lot of places even...
  8. annethecatdetective

    Just a Couple Slots...

    Absolutely! I'm AnnetheCatDetective on FA as well. I'm glad you're happy with him!
  9. annethecatdetective

    Is oils the most popular form of art?

    I haven't got a picture of ours-- we got rid of some when we moved, but I think we've still got some small ones, they just aren't up on the walls yet. I've got two big watercolor prints of French land/cityscapes that I can't hang until I've got bookshelves figured out, though.
  10. annethecatdetective

    Is oils the most popular form of art?

    Personally I prefer watercolors, but oil paintings tend to be... yeah. I mean a good oil painting can be really amazing, and it's hard to mimic that with acrylics, as far as techniques go? And they have a certain prestige attached that other media don't.
  11. annethecatdetective

    How does the fur universe feel about cuddling

    You should definitely look into how the other businesses that have started up doing cuddle/touch therapy have fared to see how sustainable a cuddle-based business is, because those numbers I don't know, but I know that it's been done and it has made money before, so unless the cuddle bubble has...
  12. annethecatdetective

    LGBT groups

    That sounds like a really good idea. My high school was out in the mountains in a very small town, we had nothing at all like that. If we had I think I'd have figured myself out a lot sooner in life! But when I went to college, a friend from theatre invited me to join the SAFE club, and I...
  13. annethecatdetective

    Pancakes Vs. Waffles

    I don't see why we can't all get along under the banner of BREAKFAST ANYTIME. Sometimes I like pancakes, sometimes I like waffles... I'll let you guys in on a dark secret, if I had to pick a favorite, I might have to go with... *hushed whisper* french toast. (I am counting crepes and dutch...
  14. annethecatdetective

    Just a Couple Slots...

    @Wolf-Nightshade I wound up going in a somewhat different direction than I first thought I would but I hope it works for you! (I wanted to get across this sort of glint-to-the-eye, and wound up making them solid to give the idea that there was a little eyeshine-in-the-dark going on with it...
  15. annethecatdetective

    Just a Couple Slots...

    @marshmellowlovesyou This floof is serious #aesthetic goals. Love the colors!
  16. annethecatdetective

    Just a Couple Slots...

    Hey, I really want to thank the last couple people to get slots (and everyone else waiting for me to get around to filling extra requests) for being so patient! My sister's birthday was the other day and so there was a big family gathering, which took me away from being able to do much art, and...
  17. annethecatdetective

    CatDetective's Sketchbook

    Little bat lady! She's from a couple Inktobers ago. Some ratties (or mouse girls?) This owl mage pen and ink piece was a gift.
  18. annethecatdetective

    Your most nostalgic smell

    Several trees- Ponderosa pine and eucalyptus both take me back to different places I lived as a kid. There are also some food smells-- pineapple upside-down cake, certain barbecue smells... and the smell of chicken and dumplings or of pie crust and cinnamon will always remind me of grandma's...
  19. annethecatdetective

    Sexual harassment (semi-NSFW topic)

    Eh, tried that and had the guy turn the conversation right back around to his dick. It's really gross. I don't think it's a problem with this community as much as I think it's a problem with people in any community-- if I was on any other forum presenting as female/with a feminine name, the...