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  1. Len_5

    Rate my pokémon team

    Ampharos Lv. 52 Thunderpunch Discharge Thunder Signal Beam Corbat Lv. 43 Sludge Bomb Toxic Air Cutter Dark Pulse Forretress Lv. 43 Pay Back Bug Bite Mirror Shot Earthquake Froslass Lv. 54 Ice Beam Shadow Ball Blizzard Hypnosis Lanturn Lv. 46 Surf Hydro Pump...
  2. Len_5

    Art trade

    I'll draw your fursona if you draw mine. I'll need a reference or two. I'll be willing to trade with up to three people. MY REF http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5552956/ and ignore the last thread I posted please
  3. Len_5

    Free art....maybe

    I will draw your fursona free I'm kinda' board so if you draw my fursona and if I like it I will sketch, ink, and color a pic of your own fursona for free :3 HERE MY FURSONA http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5552956/ I just like other peoples takes on one sona. Now dazzle me with your art ^_^
  4. Len_5

    Pokémon theme song backwards

    Ok well my friend showed me this the other day (YouTube pokemon theme song backwards) every word backwards makes so fucked up sentence. Some of it may sound weird but watch the video its fucking funny Here are the lyrics: I am Nemo Ohhh! Mush that guy (oh! Mush that guy) Oh, really! She's my...
  5. Len_5

    Senile old people

    I went over my friends grandparents house the other day and his grandma is going senile from old age. So his little sister goes up to her grandma and tells her that the boy next door was makin' fun of her, so her grandma replies by saying to her "sticks and stones may break your bones but bombs...
  6. Len_5

    Tornados in NH MA and ME

    Argghh there's a stupid tornado watch in new hampshire, mass., and Maine. Really high chance in Maine near Paris and York. There is a small chance of a super cell near Boston mass. There is also a chance of a cell in new Hampshire around seabrook, Hampton, plaistow, akingson, kingston, and...
  7. Len_5

    fursona (again)

    Lookin' for someone to sketch my fursona. I'm hoping for something free. I would pay but I just got excepted to go to Johnson and Wales and or Hartford so I'm saving up. My ref. and pic (icon) is on my FA account. What ever mate.
  8. Len_5

    Is there an Australia-furs group on FA

    I trying to find out if there is a Australian fur group on FA. If not I plan to create one.......yup! BTW: we don't say "mate" at the end of every sentence......just some of the time.
  9. Len_5

    Books that were ruined by the movie

    There are so many movies that destroyed book series. I wanna see if any others are angry like me. Two ex. 1. Eragon= stabbed at knife point 2. Golden Compass= the people responsible for it need to go swim with a tazer in hand.....or something like that.
  10. Len_5

    Top 5 Favorite Movies

    Now I like weird movies. Im also kinda old school so I'll watch old movies and new ones. Right now my five favorite movies, in succession are: 1. Pan's Labyrinth 2. Avatar 3. Donnie Darko 4. Carrie (the 90's version) 5. Chicago I just wanted to get people opinion. I will take any...
  11. Len_5

    Gross words

    There are words in this world that make me sudder in repulsion: Moist Slab Disk Ointment Quail Hicky Calais Any more gross words?
  12. Len_5

    Chrono Trigger

    It's a Amazing game but lost popularity over time. People still like it?
  13. Len_5

    Taco Flavored Kisses.....wow

    I just watched south park, and cartman draws this face on his hand and every one thinks its Jennifer Lopez. It was pretty funny!
  14. Len_5

    Humanity Thesis

    i had to write a ten page essay over then course of a month onagged my person discovery of what gives a person humanity. I came up with: to obtain humanity a person must have the ability to commit the gollowing fourteen sins. Envy Pride Gluttony Wrath Lust Sloth Greed Spite Divinity...
  15. Len_5

    Latin stuff

    i know that latin is a dead language but i was woundering if anyone spoke it. (type doest matter)
  16. Len_5

    Fursona name suggestion

    im looking for a name for my lion fursona its the pic on my account. sorry in a rush
  17. Len_5

    long shot hopes

    im looking for some on to sketch a character fursona based off discreption i probably wont get an offer but trying cant physically hurt me......OWWWW MY LEG!!!!
  18. Len_5

    Europe help

    im in this group for the first time called "the ambassador's of music" and we are high school students from america that travel europe and perform (even though i grew up in australia) but im going to England France Itally lichenstine switzerland austria germany and greece i was...
  19. Len_5

    bored round two *sigh*

    i wont even say its a waste of a thread cause it will start a war about how it is or isn't and when peace is made people will settle of attacking me about my horrible spelling.....haha....wow....thats life mate.us
  20. Len_5

    Avatar HELP ME

    i need a good lion avatar that is 100x100 and one that is 450x450. Really in a bind if anyone can give me an http it would be much appreciated. Thanks mate!