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  1. Maolfunction

    Really Wanna Register :/

    So, at what point are we allowed to be irritated? After another month? After six months? With pretty much no word on the issue from staff, how much longer are we supposed to sit back complacently because the site's in no danger. I have friends who would like to make accounts and now they are...
  2. Maolfunction

    What is your earlist memory of playing videogames?

    That was not my intention. I couldn't read at the time and had no idea what I was doing when I was pressing buttons on the menu. I just wanted to play the game, and after a while, I got it to work. My mother banned me from Zelda until I could read as a result. :v (Funnily, I picked up reading...
  3. Maolfunction

    What is your earlist memory of playing videogames?

    Erasing my mother's file of A Link to the Past when I was 3. She was not happy.
  4. Maolfunction

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    Hmm. Again, completely outside the loop here, but the situation again doesn't seem to point to malicious staff to me. I've been the victim of malicious staff when I and 15 other users were banned because of admin criticism and were never given an explanation or reasoning that pointed otherwise...
  5. Maolfunction

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    How funny. This is almost a carbon copy of a situation I was involved with as staff of another forum. It's common forum practice on forums that want to maintain some level of professionalism that bans and demotions are not discussed with the general userbase. I don't think it's ever been the...
  6. Maolfunction

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    I can be behind this as long as the streamlined rules make sense and are consistent between the two. Which is also where you're going to run into problems as the forum and the main site seem to cater to two different age ranges in terms of content. This is where the inherent differences...
  7. Maolfunction

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    And bam, suddenly people will only see this as becoming more strict. It's a good idea on paper, but people never react well when suddenly they feel like they have to tiptoe around both sites because if they get in trouble, they lose access to a lot more stuff. The forum will most definitely...
  8. Maolfunction

    Tell me how to TF2

    I have the perfect video [series] for anyone who wants to know how to actually play TF2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n049JQaXAPE
  9. Maolfunction

    Anthro Character You Are Most Like?

    Mao from Darker Than Black. Technically not really a furry, as he's a person trapped in a cat/flying squirrel's body, but fuck it, it counts. Pretty much everything he does in the show is exactly how I would handle any of the situations he's in.
  10. Maolfunction

    Site slowdowns?

    I've had the same issue with it loading much slower than other sites I visit. I figured it might just be server overload and with the server going kaput today, I suppose I wasn't too far off in my guess.
  11. Maolfunction

    What got you into the furry fandom?

    I blame Disney and Don Bluth mostly.
  12. Maolfunction

    Hugs or no hugs?

    I'm not a fan of hugs between strangers, or even casual friends. I don't get anything from it other this awkward thought of, "Why are you touching me?" That being said, I love deep intimate hugs with anybody I'm in a relationship with. That sense of close contact, warmth, and overall sensory...
  13. Maolfunction

    Sona and Color

    Purple, gold, and black work well together, and I thought of the three colors, purple looked the most distinct as the base without being ridiculous looking.
  14. Maolfunction

    Welp, it finally happened.

    Oh great, maybe people will stop letting that show exist if they keep killing off the more popular characters.
  15. Maolfunction

    Progressive and Engaging Flow of Thought

    Take a break from writing, read some books that excel at narrative flow. I find Stephen King does this really well if you need a place to look. As you read, make note of what he's doing and how he joins his paragraphs and chapters together. The more you read, the easier to understand the...
  16. Maolfunction

    Giving your story a name.

    Go to old literature, take a line from it. It's what novelists do all the time. Book's about famine, poverty, and death? Please Sir, I Want Some More
  17. Maolfunction

    Most overrated game?

    Thank you for being willing to talk. Now then, I disagree with your point about Hyrule field having nothing in it. It's chalk full of stuff. Hidden fairy grottos, Lon Lon Ranch, and enemies that actually serve a purpose once you get to Adult Link. Link does move slow, but the field is not...
  18. Maolfunction

    Most overrated game?

    Is the limited inventory system seriously the only issue. Because that's hilarious. "Yes, Ocarina of Time clearly does not deserve its high praise because I have to go into an inventory screen to select my weapons and that's just too much for me to handle." I honestly don't think people here...
  19. Maolfunction

    Most overrated game?

    I feel like I'm talking to a bunch of brick walls. All I'm asking is a simple reason why OoT doesn't stand up. Why do the 2D Zelda games stand up better, what do they do that beats OoT, why are they even being compared to each other when the experience of playing them is completely different...