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  1. Immelmann

    Linking Error on the Notes Page

    When you are on the 6th or higher page of notes, the link for the earliest listed page is broken. In the screen shot, I am on page 6, and in the url bar shown is what the "2" links to. Hard to test/duplicate if you don't have 6 pages of notes, however.
  2. Immelmann

    An Ad Problem

    The picture should speak for itself.
  3. Immelmann

    Concession! Come check out the new webdesign.

    I try not to be too much of a whore with my comic, and I didn't join the forums to advertise, but hell, what's to lose? I've just now completed a total overhaul of my webcomic's website, and now I'm going to advertise teh heck out of it. So! I invite you all to read my webcomic, Concession...
  4. Immelmann

    I guess I should be polite and do this.

    Sup guys. Iiiiii won't lie and say I plan to post a whole lot, as forums of which I have no control tend to scare me, but I thought I'd pop in every once in a while. So! My name is Immelmann. Wolf/rabbit hybrid. I'm a webcomic artist, responsible for Concession. Some other claims to fame: I...
  5. Immelmann

    The New Userpage Gallery

    Oh hello there. I do hope this is the right place and time for this thread. Just noticed that userpages now have the new gallery, wherein thumbnails are displayed, instead of just the title with timestamps. I'm curious as to what you all think about it. I like it, myself. As I see it... Pros...