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  1. RitsukaAo

    I hate Dell

    I'm sure that's not blasphemous since their quality as a company has gone to shit but, I was gifted this computer by my husband to use at school so it wasn't my first choice. Anyway, it's a year (almost exactly a year) old M511R Inspiron laptop. I've already had to use my warranty three times...
  2. RitsukaAo

    My Fursona: Ritsuka Ao aka "Blue" or "Rits"

    Name: Ritsuka Ao (Blue or Rits) Age: 20 Sex: Female Species: Wolf Height: 5 feet and 3 inches in anthro form (Unknown when in feral form) Weight: 160 pds. (Unknown in feral form) Appearance: - Hair and fur: Solid white with a silvery sheen - Markings: Single blue star mark on her right eye -...
  3. RitsukaAo

    Hello everyone!

    Hello ladies and gents. I'm not too great with intros, but I thought I would attempt one anyway. You can call me Rits or Blue if you don't care to type out my whole name. I won't get mad either way. My fursona is a wolf by the same name. I have a few interest, the typical stuff: reading...