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  1. WatchfulStorm

    Texas gay marriage ban bans all marriages

    It seems the folks in the Lone Star State overlooked something when they instituted a ban that was meant to disallow any form of same sex marriages. http://austinist.com/2009/11/20/texas_banned_all_marriages.php
  2. WatchfulStorm


    I've been seeing a few commercials for 'Avatar', a movie which should be coming out soon. I was wondering if anyone else is excited to see it.
  3. WatchfulStorm

    Hello, for the 2nd time...

    I tried this forum out before at least two years ago, so I would assume that I wont be remembered. Anyway, I'm just out to make some friends and have some fun. See you all in the forums.
  4. WatchfulStorm

    alloversafety.com (virus)

    I seem to have gotten a virus that hijacks my homepage, screws with my stuff, including the virus protector itself. I also cant seem to use anything relating to flash anymore. I've seen several sites claiming that they can get rid of the virus, but I dont know who to trust anymore.