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  1. SavageBlueWolf

    My character reference is complete

    Here is my first complete reference sheet of my fursona.My orientation that is in the reference sheet is currently unknown at the moment!All art done by Wolfool:)
  2. SavageBlueWolf

    Wolf Reference Sheet

    Hi! Im new at the blog and looking to get a reference sheet of my Wolf!(Avatar that is in profile) My fursona name is "Savage" and he has blue fur with blue eyes and yellow in his eye that represents the inspiration in the sunset that I took at my lodge(can be viewed in my profile)!I love...
  3. SavageBlueWolf

    Im new to this website,Sup!!

    The title says it all!!Im new to this website but have been in the fandom for sometime.Im into Gaming(Xbox one/Xbox 360) and I love technology!!