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  1. coolkidex


    This probably wont happen, but its worth a shot asking. Can somebody lend me their fursuit for halloween? Haha, i think it'd be the greatest thing ever for my neighborhood. Just a stupid question, but pm me if anybody isnt to busy laughing. :P Thankies!
  2. coolkidex

    Thats so...

    By now, everybody who watches tv has seen the "Thats so gay" commercial, endorsing the fact that people shouldn't say "Thats so gay." Well, if anybody followed the link to their page, you can read what others say instead of thats so gay. Look what i've found. I've never laughed so hard.
  3. coolkidex

    Have you...

    Alright. I was playing garry's mod a few hours ago wen I spotted a :3 in the chat. so I sent the person a pm asking if he was a furry. He said he didn't know what a furry was, so I sent him a wikipedia on the furry fandom and FA. He sent me back a "I think I'm a furry :3" What I'm asking is...
  4. coolkidex

    Wanna know what this site needs?

    I think this is the right place for it... Furaffinity should have it's own iPhone/iPod touch app! It would be a simple way for them to get a few bucks and it would make many peoples lives easier... I hate using oprah or safari... Any ideas twards it?
  5. coolkidex

    NSFW or SFW?

    I found this video. I truely cant deside if this is NSFW or SFW... Just incase, please, 18+. http://www.break.com/index/sfw-porn-clips.html If admin DOES NOT WANT, you can kill the thread. I'm just baffled...
  6. coolkidex


    Voice your opinions and favorite bands. My favorites are: As Blood Runs Black All That Remains Between the Buried and Me Bring Me the Horizon Disturbed Devine Heresy Dead By April Hatebreed In Flames Meshuggah Nile Saosin Tool At the moment, i'm listening to "My Fears Have Become Phobias" by...
  7. coolkidex


    This may not be too much of a thread but its an idia. Does anybody like them? Has anybody been to their concert? Anybody? Eh?
  8. coolkidex


    I love footpaws. What i want everybody to do is post your favorite footpaw pictures! http://paws.ru/paws/src/paws239_1155131191_crimson-beast_kiro_echitsune.jpg
  9. coolkidex

    Kinda nooby

    Hey, i'm matt white. I've been a furry for a few years now. I dont truely have a fursona, but if i did it would be a wolf. KTHXBAI