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  1. Bjorn Potato

    Looking for dom/sub females and futas. Humans/Humanoids.

    So... if you entered this post you probably enter one of those categories. Might a Switch Futa entice you to any lewd activities? I prefer doing it on Discord, my schedule being around evening-midnight on GMT +3. I can't go with anything else currently. Another thing, I want 18+, if you wanna do...
  2. Bjorn Potato

    Difficult Times

    My personality is really bad at twisted. I love helping people, but it I get pushed at broken, I'll go and hurt someone including myself and my loved ones. I'm writing this here because I've had some tough times. Been crying over people, been rejected by others, been teased and denied, someone I...
  3. Bjorn Potato

    "Rescuing" animals is not a glorious job

    It's not only them abandoning him. My cat went off for 3 days and came back after being hit by a car, really badly. I'm not saying that the dog got hit by a car too, but mine couldn't find his way back home.
  4. Bjorn Potato

    ERP Partener Interest

    What does the title say? I'm looking for human/humanoid characters to erp with. Please tell me you have a flexible schedule or at least, you are in an European time zone. Also, only 18+, ofc. I use discord and I prefer the partner to be a female and use a female character but I don't really mind...
  5. Bjorn Potato


    I wanna make a friend feel better about themselves, and I told them I'll share the picture of them to ask people for opinions. Anyone minds to say a good word? Disclaimer: No picture of them will be shared and all you will get is my gratitude and if I like you, something else *winks*.
  6. Bjorn Potato

    Compliment the person above you!

    Love being teased by foxes, mind helping me with that?
  7. Bjorn Potato

    Rp anyone?

    Someone already? Yaaaay. PM me your discord because mine contains some special characters
  8. Bjorn Potato

    Rp anyone?

    Heck I thought I'd give this a shot too. I'm just looking for someone to either join my server and me to get to know them or just to do stuff from the start. And by stuff i mean casual rp, erp, gaming, chatting, helping each other with problems in their life. Whatever of sorts. I'm practically...
  9. Bjorn Potato

    BDSM Test

    I like how almost everyone here is a guy lol. Although I prefer girls in dominance related stuff, I'd go for guys too with erp. Anyone interested in that and on discord? == Results from bdsmtest.org == 97% Rigger 93% Dominant 67% Owner 65% Master/Mistress 58% Non-monogamist 58%...
  10. Bjorn Potato

    Maybe some rp, maybe not

    Busy irl, huh? Was talking about the other person, because the days don't seem that long to me and I'm actually active more than you think. was gonna say to ask C4theSlime, but he hasn't been saying anything on the server. oh well, he could ask someone who is on the server, like scarlet, or...
  11. Bjorn Potato

    Maybe some rp, maybe not

    Actually, not that many peeps are into what I like. I know 1 guy that likes doing stuff that I do, but that's it. If you want, prove me wrong. you can send another request.
  12. Bjorn Potato

    Maybe some rp, maybe not

    the thing is, i break friendships really quickly, and what i mean by that is, if there isn't something we do in common or if there ever is one time you start getting bored/busy, I see that, and I stop prioritising you to talk to, and then I just forget talking to you. sorry
  13. Bjorn Potato

    Maybe some rp, maybe not

    Sorry for posting this here, but I really need someone to vent to. Maybe the friendship will go on and do some rp/erp, but who knows? I mainly use discord. Also, if you could tell me your time zone, and age, just so that I'm sure I can do anything. Again, sorry for posting this here, it's the...
  14. Bjorn Potato

    Giantess, slow growth RP?

    I'd be interested enough to see what it is like
  15. Bjorn Potato

    RP anyone?

    My pure goal irl and url is to entertain people on the servers that I go on. I want someone url to help me destress, someone that can talk and can listen, at the same time. I do not care about your gender or your age, but I prefer females and over the age of 18, because stuff might become NSFW...
  16. Bjorn Potato

    Discord RP

    Dmc, that discord tag doesn't work
  17. Bjorn Potato

    Discord RP

    Sent you a request
  18. Bjorn Potato

    Any females interested in some nsfw rp?

    I'm looking for a female partner for some nsfw rp, mostly preferred to be up around 10pm Greenwich. i don't have an exact preference for environments and stuff, but modern is fine. msg me for my discord.
  19. Bjorn Potato

    Discord RP

    A weekly theme, yes. It is voted by everyone in the voting room and then played out by anyone who posts their characters.
  20. Bjorn Potato

    Discord RP

    The server seems to be mainly male currently, just in case any females want to join, but I'm still letting anyone in.