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  1. oniontrain

    Question about photography "art" project, allowed to post processes for coyote pelt?

    Re: Question about photography "art" project, allowed to post processes for coyote pe Post the pelt, you'll get some hilarious outraged responses.
  2. oniontrain


    APPLICATION: Preferred Name: Most Radiant Scarlet Flare of Dawn.(Flare) Position Desired:any Color of Scales:Red, with blue ventral scales Distinguishing Features:A dragon with a birth defect that caused her to only have one wing. She thinks she is beautiful, and acts superior to all of...
  3. oniontrain

    Does Anyone know the origin of this dragon?

    The Mystery of Flare is a deep and difficult one, to be sure.
  4. oniontrain

    An Ad Problem

    I came here to post the same exact thing. Looks like somebody put a banner ad in the wrong place.
  5. oniontrain

    Page stats question

    Lol, what? Are you serious? That's ridiculous. If popularity whoring was a problem then why are the major stats viewable to all and the more interesting ones hidden? I do not understand.
  6. oniontrain

    Page stats question

    I love my page stats, I love keeping track of submissions and how popular they are relative to other submissions, what people are looking at, what they are faving, and all that good stuff. I'd love to share them with others and would love to see other people's stats as well. I'm sure others...
  7. oniontrain

    Human/human art

    Yeah, fuck them Baldies.
  8. oniontrain

    Will the Commission Pages Ever Be Fixed?

    I posted mine in my profile info. You can still access it from your control panel, all you gotta do is copy it over.
  9. oniontrain

    Commisson pages down?

    Just add it to your profile info, it's not like a bunch of people don't know how to click that tab anyway.
  10. oniontrain

    Commisson pages down?

    That was nice of them then... heh heh.
  11. oniontrain

    Commisson pages down?

    Some faggots from Lulz found some 'sploits in the page and were parading it around so somebody obviously reported it here.
  12. oniontrain

    How Fruity

    I've had occasion to use it before. I like the browse function actually, it allows for quick searching of general categories.
  13. oniontrain

    Block feature needs looking at.

    I blocked somebody the other day and they told me it worked, so I assume you must have fogotten some special characters or something in their names.
  14. oniontrain

    Statistics export

    Ha ha ha, do people actually get upset over stupid crap like that, seriously? I'm thirding this as a great suggestion, but then again I love statistics. I'd like to be able to share mine as well instead of just taking screenshots to show people
  15. oniontrain

    Commisson pages down?

    I went and posted mine on my front page since most people didn't know how to click the tab anyway. Is there any way we can get an estimate of how long it'll be down for?
  16. oniontrain

    Itty Bitty Text

    You can also hold down ctrl and scroll the mousewheel!
  17. oniontrain

    "Your account has been hijacked/disabled."

    Surely that's an exercise in futility, I assume he's passed third grade by now. If he didn't learn it then he's not gonna learn it now.
  18. oniontrain

    Site Outage: Feb 25, 2009

    If Dragoneer is the Emprah can we hook him up to a cybernetic chair and wire him into the site already?
  19. oniontrain

    Admin Control Panel

    Protip: to execute something hidden in a jpg you have to both know its there and rename the jpg appropriately.
  20. oniontrain

    Admin Control Panel

    Aww why'd you ban Captain Toolbar there?