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  1. Atona

    Making furry (or other?) Minecraft skins

    Making furry minecraft skins for free to use as examples for my minecraft skin commissions. Though I am happy to do IRL pictures or characters as well. Sidenote: You don't have to play minecraft to get a skin! I can screenshot the final product for you. If you request a character from a show...
  2. Atona

    So... The World is suppose to end tomorrow...

    That image. I am moved by this sacrifice. A doomsday prophecy was stopped in its tracks on May 21st, 2011, leaving nothing but reddened cinders. The second day comes, and something rises from the ashes... Something too holy for the human eye. With compassion, and latex. Tonight, my friends...
  3. Atona

    So... The World is suppose to end tomorrow...

    Wait a minute. We all know that the minimal to take down Macho man would be a 10 car pile-up. OH MY GOD HE DANTE'D HIS WAY THROUGH THE PEARLY GATES AND STOPPED THE APOCALYPSE, HE PROBABLY HAS GOD IN A HEADLOCK RIGHT NOW RANDY SAVAGE STOPPED MAY 21ST.
  4. Atona

    So... The World is suppose to end tomorrow...

    Guess god decided to conform to our extremely flawed units of measurement. Dunno about you, but if I were an all-omnipotent being above any human emotion or understanding, I wouldn't waste my time planting numbers in a book that follows my will in such a way that is purposely incorrect to...
  5. Atona

    So... The World is suppose to end tomorrow...

    Can everyone do me a favor? Anyone you've heard squawking about this, at 6pm tomorrow, shove their noses into it like they pooped it out onto your favorite rug. Even if it's in a comedic manner. The only reason why this shit continues happening is because we laugh it off silently and the only...
  6. Atona

    Getting comfortable with new art program

    Just downloaded Paint Tool SAI, trying to get acclimated to it. I'll draw anything so long as it has either a picture ref or detailed writing. Most will be busts just to get used to switching layers and all that business. By requesting free art from me in this particular thread, you are giving...
  7. Atona

    Stuff you have learned from video games.

    - Never stand close to machinery that you have acted destructively upon: It will always blow up, no matter what form of abuse. - Keep a hand in everything your partners earn, find, and make. If they die or leave without warning, you can't have them taking any of the good stuff. -If you want to...
  8. Atona

    I know this is a pretty retarded thing to still be wondering after 20 years but...

    Re: I know this is a pretty retarded thing to still be wondering after 20 years but.. Gotta show off dem meaty legs, you can't do that standing still. Also, you should be asking why the main character is wearing a ball cap with a grass skirt.
  9. Atona

    Nintendo 3DS = $300! Will you go for it?

    Of course I would be. I enjoy and respect both single player and multiplayer games even if they're exclusively one or the other. but Nintendo is trying to sell social consoles. And from a social console, you'd expect good internet support, right? I understand that the image is geared more...
  10. Atona

    General Mass Effect thread

    This is only okay if it triggers combat right after the cutscene.
  11. Atona

    Nintendo 3DS = $300! Will you go for it?

    Only if a couple of things are addressed: - No horse shit online gaming where you both have to enter in 16 digits and try to connect - Actual usage of the mic - Better internet support for all kinds of different types of wireless - A better multiplayer experience in general. And that's after...
  12. Atona

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    -one episode later- Dammit, so it is true that all girls go through a horse phase. And here I was, almost to 19 not giving a single fuck about horses and thinking they're smelly beasts of labor all of my life. Also, mfw my favorite pony is dubbed the protagonist
  13. Atona

    Thread Title indicating subtle laziness.

    Legitimately angered response scolding fellow posters for being callous. Soft-hearted encouragement towards OP, bordering on ass-kissing.
  14. Atona

    Diablo III

    Well, I don't believe there is a thread for Diablo 3 yet, I scanned the first 3 pages and didn't see anything. The release date isn't even announced yet and it looks pretty far off, but I'm extremely excited for Diablo III. The classes look fun, the Rune system opens up endless possibilities...
  15. Atona

    General Mass Effect thread

    Certainly not I. My male Shepard is a space-troll, and uses every chance he can take to be the biggest dick possible. Like mainly responding positively to the reporter, then punching Fawning over Ashley, then saving Kaiden Letting Liara chill in the mine until all quests beforehand are done...
  16. Atona

    General Mass Effect thread

    It's more of a good act than anything. Reporters are often low-life vultures who make people uncomfortable to squeeze out a few drops of information to turn into a torrent of lies and dishonest editing. Who is to say, besides the paragon/renegade system, that punching one is a bad thing? Either...
  17. Atona

    Got any weird, strange or cool talents?

    I'm double-jointed in a lot of areas. Also, I have the ability to bluff my way out of anything that doesn't involve math or science. If you've got a paper to write about a theory, a novel I've never read, questions on the morality of something, symbolism, or any other creative writing...
  18. Atona

    Breakfast of Booze

    You've got to admit that they fill a niche, though. One of my friends is ready to contact them for catering for his birthday.
  19. Atona

    Breakfast of Booze

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZDv9pgHp8Q& There must be some sort of science behind people becoming more and more attracted to unhealthy foods, because I'm literally salivating over this.
  20. Atona

    need Sexual advise for Storyline

    The easiest way to make a believable story regarding same-sex relationships, is by seeing how others naturally find those with the same sexual preferences. Look up online info on how to politely hit on someone of the same sex or find out if someone is gay through nonstalkerish means. One...