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  1. kittysins

    emergency commissions ($5-$20) [OPEN]

    COMMISSION INFORMATION hello guys! i'm currently taking traditional commissions! i am willing to draw pretty much anything; humans, dragons, ocs, animals, furries, ect examples: more examples here! prices; circle art: $5 - $10 half piece: $10 - $15 full piece: $15 - $20 for an extra...
  2. kittysins

    ♥ Kittysins' Commissions [$5+] [5/5 SLOTS] ♥

    Hello!! I'm opening up some commissions. These are pay what you want, and start at $5. The quality will depend on how much you pay (for example, $5 would be a lined bust, whereas $20 would be a fully shaded half body, ect) Examples; I am willing to draw; Humans Furries Canon characters or...
  3. kittysins

    $10 Commissions [OPEN]

    i'm doing some digital commissions for $10 each i can draw humans, furries, animals, ect. if you're unsure if i can do something, feel free to ask! i am willing to do light nsfw, but nothing too heavy or fetishy examples; comment below or PM me on FA (same un) if you are interested!