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    My birthday is tomorrow!

    I'm going to be 17 I'm super excited! :D
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    Do any of you guys play Final Fantasy XI?

    If you do, you should come join me on the Asura server, I'm a level 15 monk Taru named Segel If not, you should try it out, Square is offering a 14 day free trial, so definitely try it out
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    I want people to talk to

    On MSN. Add me, my MSN is kirbyremix@hotmail.com
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    Full Release is coming out tomorrow. latale.ogplanet.com I believe is the website. It's a fun online game, if any of you want to play it with me tomorrow, let me know, please.
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    Any Canadian Furries?

    I'm Canadian..and I live in New Brunswick. Also, I go to Moncton Highschool, if (I highly doubt so) any of you on here do go there..
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    Any of you guys like Disturbed?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsfrZbY9Kek&feature=related I've been listening to them a lot more than usual, and since I've got nothing better to do, why not find out who else likes Disturbed?
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    Since I'm new and I love all of you..

    Could anyone draw a Pink Bunny rabbit?
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    I love you all!

    Also I'm new, I hope you're nice people :D
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    Metal Gear Online (PS3)

    Any of you guys play MGO on PS3? Whether you do or not, add my PSN, Shawn645. Also, I may make a Furry clan in MGO, given there's enough members..