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  1. K

    Requesting a Color Artist for three pieces.. Two NSFW

    I have three commissions done by three different artists at anthrocon this year and still waiting for more. I am expecting to have another finished piece ready to be colored rather soon. For now i have three available pieces that need coloring. My budget goes up to $100. That budget Is Flexible...
  2. K

    I have four Lineart/Sketches that need coloring. ^^ One of them is NSFW

    Visit my page to see them here...http://www.furaffinity.net/user/krazzy/ If your interested, Post here or send me a private message. I "will" judge what I see in gallery before I decide to purchase. If I Like the work I see I will contact you with details and a price can be made. $150 USD is my max
  3. K

    3 Detailed Charicter Peice. (Combat, Military, German-American)

    Looking For a Three Character Serious commission requiring high level of detail, effort and time. Theme would be a German Medic helping an American soldier while another German troop provides security for the two behind a Burning American Humvee hit by an IED (The Humvee would look all messed up...
  4. K


    Hello everyone, Let me introduce myself to the Fandom, I am 19, Part of the USN, I have been a fan of Furs seince i was 14-15 so its been a little while, although i never made my appreance known to the rest of the community/Society, I am an Active Part of the SL community in Furry RP and Casual...
  5. K

    150$ offer on a Drawing I want

    Let me introduce myself to thoes here on FA. I have been here on the site for some time now though i never really did make my appearence here known, My Name is Krazzy, well "nickname" rather and im intrested in buying a Commission From a High Detailed Well known Artist, CG artist. I belive a CG...