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    Heavy metal (or no metal at all) The Brutal thread

    I can't believe no-one listens to viking metal! Fans of the Norse Gods unite! Turisas, Bathory, Tyr, AMON AMARTH!!!!!!!!!! Also, Cattle Decapitation. FUCK YEAH.
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    English Furs - Where are you?

    Oh right. Cheers.
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    English Furs - Where are you?

    Now, is there a dedicated place for meeting furs in your own country? Or am I just being really thick? Anyways, I'm looking to find some other English furs, cos I'd like to make some furry friends, as all the people I know are bloody humans! So yeah.
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    Bunny/ Unicorn / Ponyboi here :)

    HiYa thar!! DarkeWolff here! Love femboys and herms! And the rabbit sounds kinky! I'm up for RP if you are. PM me!
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    Random Requests Thread

    Love the thread, random art RULES! I can see this thread going far. =P Wonder if anyone would draw my fursona? Would be niiiice. I could describe him, if anyone cares...
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    It finally happened

    heh. this is funny. made me smile. =3
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    *Waggles* Hiya!

    Hey there! I'm relatively new too. Foxes are great, btw! Hope you're havin a great time so far!
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    I'm a newcomer too, and I'm looking for furry pals for laughs and conversation!
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    Heavy metal (or no metal at all) The Brutal thread

    Iron Maiden ROCK! Manowar come a veeeeery close 2nd to them. Hail And Kill from DarkeWolff the Immortal!!!
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    JadeFire primary

    You seem to know what you're talkin about. As a fellow of the wolf persuasion, I like your depth of description, it gives us a good name. Kudos on the homosexual thing, btw. =P
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    If you had to pick a different species...

    I would probably be a dragon if I wasn't a wolf. Scaly instead of furry would be an interesting spin on things. Dragons are huge, though, so it would be weird to scale it with a wolf. Wonder what it would be like to go out with one =P
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    Your favorite lyrics

    Hand Of Doom by Manowar Your blood's upon the soil! Your body fed to wolves! Not one of you will be left alive! Hear the sound pounding and the army of the night! By the hammer of Thor you now shall DIE! Hammer Smashed Face by Cannibal Corpse Draining the snot I rip out the eyes...
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    Heavy metal (or no metal at all) The Brutal thread

    Hey The Colour! Iron Maiden RULE! I saw Somewhere Back In Time in London 2008 and it was legendary!!! Hail And Kill from DarkeWolff the Immortal!