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  1. SP_Polli

    Hey there! New to FA

    Thank you everyone! I have felt welcomed, which is very nice! Hope to learn a thing or two on my time here.
  2. SP_Polli

    Help for rookie artist!

    Okay so, i'm gonna start this post by saying that I really need art advice (i'd say my art is pretty solid...on humans) on how to make anthro/furry art! i've been interested for a while on making commissions, but I find that i'm rather lost on this whole thing, since well... i'm not a furry. But...
  3. SP_Polli

    Hey there! New to FA

    hiya! my name's Polli, and i'm pretty new to this site and the forums! Nice to meet anyone that reads this or replies. Hope you have a nice day! I'm open to any navigation advice, i'm relatively new to forums in general, haha.