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  1. Atona

    Making furry (or other?) Minecraft skins

    Making furry minecraft skins for free to use as examples for my minecraft skin commissions. Though I am happy to do IRL pictures or characters as well. Sidenote: You don't have to play minecraft to get a skin! I can screenshot the final product for you. If you request a character from a show...
  2. Atona

    Getting comfortable with new art program

    Just downloaded Paint Tool SAI, trying to get acclimated to it. I'll draw anything so long as it has either a picture ref or detailed writing. Most will be busts just to get used to switching layers and all that business. By requesting free art from me in this particular thread, you are giving...
  3. Atona

    Diablo III

    Well, I don't believe there is a thread for Diablo 3 yet, I scanned the first 3 pages and didn't see anything. The release date isn't even announced yet and it looks pretty far off, but I'm extremely excited for Diablo III. The classes look fun, the Rune system opens up endless possibilities...
  4. Atona

    Breakfast of Booze

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZDv9pgHp8Q& There must be some sort of science behind people becoming more and more attracted to unhealthy foods, because I'm literally salivating over this.
  5. Atona

    Do colors reveal more about us than we think?

    Now before you start with "MY FAVORITE COLOR IS PINK BUT THAT MEANS NOTHING," let me tell you where I'm getting this. I like to hear peoples favorite colors, and why they like them. It entertains me. But recently, I've noticed a pattern. I'm beginning to think that ones favorite color might...
  6. Atona

    Moving, selling discounted furry art

    APPARENTLY I'M MOVING? And need money pretty fast so I don't end up out on my ass, so I'm selling discounted art. Please tell me if I've done something wrong, I have never posted in this section of the forums before and only know what the stickies told me. I use two programs on this computer...
  7. Atona

    Not brand new to FA, but haven't introduced myself.

    So I should, right? I joined FA a month or two ago, been following certain artists here for much longer. My nickname- a nickname my family started- is Burger. Yes, as in Cheeseburger. I play video games most of the time, and love talking about them. I also enjoy music, favorite genre...
  8. Atona

    Looking for sexy 'sonas for animation

    Looking for some downright ostentatiously-sexy fursonas. Male or female, doesn't matter. I have the urge to do an animationy-thing to a pop song. No sex or nudity, but there is sure to be jiggling. BECAUSE I'm using a pop song, the actual animation won't be able to be uploaded on FA. However...