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  1. catcooties

    LGBT+ Pride YCH OPEN

    GO HERE TO BID: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN- PRIDE YCH by catcooties RULES AND INFO -do not bid if you can't afford to. SERIOUS BIDS ONLY -you must pay immediately after the auction ends via paypal USD -any species/genders/builds -any pride flags (including ace/aro flags) -no characters...
  2. catcooties

    Wacom Bamboo Capture issue

    Alright, so. My stylus has been acting funny recently and a couple days ago it pretty much stopped working entirely. When i touch the stylus to my tablet, the cursor will move, but it won't draw at all and i can't even click an application with it to open it. When i turn on the finger touch...
  3. catcooties


    hey! i'm selling a bunch of adopts here www.furaffinity.net: CHARACTERS FOR SALE- ALL HAVE TO GO by catcooties i'm tired of these characters that i have collecting dust and i've been trying to sell them for a while you don't have to have toyhouse to claim these. just comment with whichever one...