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  1. Tonk09

    America's Army 3... Shaping up; Who's waiting for it?

    Wow, that sound awsome. But when did 2 comes out??
  2. Tonk09

    Why do you like animals?

    To be honest i have, but douchebag dogs are rare. And i think it is the owners fault that dog is a douchebag.
  3. Tonk09

    And here you thought Furries had strange fetishes...

    yeah it is.. I found this site by googling about it http://www.objectum-sexuality.org/ and on the site in red at the bottom it states "NOTICE: OS Internationale does NOT sanction the 2008 UK film "Married to the Eiffel Tower" (Landmark Sex). Despite featuring OSI members Eija-Riita Berliner...
  4. Tonk09

    What are you doing to break the mold? Change the stereotype?

    IMO other than being charitable this is the best thing you can do. if you are an ", clever, and understanding person who just happens to be a furry." people who know you and know you are a furry will likely associate you with what a furry is not what CSI said a furry is. That is just my opinion...
  5. Tonk09

    Windows 7: Even more reasons to love it...

    I have been loving the win7 beta. I use it as my main OS now and dual boot with XP. I have been using it since the beta leaked and it has been working flawlessly(except for the bug in the now wmp that eats 3 seconds off mp3s before that was patched) Other than that one problem it has been...
  6. Tonk09


    Looking are your setup i immediately though graphics card. But since you don't plan to do much gaming i don't think that would be much of a benefit. I would not recommend the suggestion of getting 3 SSDs in raid 5 unless you get a good pci raid card(The integrated raid can have allot of problems...
  7. Tonk09

    SLI Geforce 8 series

    You probably CAN get these cards working in SLI. But it may be a little risky. I recommend going to a forum like techpowerup were they have good knowledge on GPUs and GPU bioses. If these cards have identical or extremely similar circuitry you could flash the faster card with the more vram with...
  8. Tonk09


    I didn't notice it, but i tend to do that to so maybe it seems normal to me?
  9. Tonk09

    And here you thought Furries had strange fetishes...

    All i can say is wow... edit: I couldn't help but laugh at the start when that person was screwing a piece of a bridge.. But i feel really bad for these people.
  10. Tonk09

    Why do you like animals?

    They are cute I can relate to many on them
  11. Tonk09


    What he said =P
  12. Tonk09

    How many people actually know your a furry (Aiming 13-19 years of age) Place to Vent.

    Re: How many people actually know your a furry (Aiming 13-19 years of age) Place to V Nobody really knows except my parents. But they do not know how important it is to me. None of my friend know but i don't hide the fact that i am a furry.
  13. Tonk09

    Ever been threatened while fursuiting?

    It probably is, just ignore them.
  14. Tonk09

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Country: Canada Province: BC City: Ladysmith
  15. Tonk09

    serious virus problem

    If above fail try booting from your vista cd and run the repair utility, this does not sound like a virus problem to me.
  16. Tonk09


    Operate large machinery