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  1. LuchadoreBob

    Most maddening thing in the furry fandom?

    The puns on the word "fur" are annoying.
  2. LuchadoreBob

    How would you react to aliens?

    I'd go Will Smith on them and hit them in the face.
  3. LuchadoreBob

    God Complex

    I'd sit down and eat a cookie, then I would do nothing. :D
  4. LuchadoreBob

    North Korea Declares War On South Korea

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2301448/North-Korea-declares-war-South-Britain-warns-Kim-Jong-Un-rogue-state-faces-isolation.html The lost of life would be immense, but it would go down as one of the most one sided wars in history.
  5. LuchadoreBob

    Dog food... for People

    Bachelor Chow from Futurama?
  6. LuchadoreBob

    League of Legends

    My name on LoL is Captain Knickers Add me. I'm pretty new to the game and I'm looking for people to help me get better.
  7. LuchadoreBob

    What Scares You?

    The last thing that genuinely frightened me was an alien abduction dream I had more than ten years ago. I had insomnia at the time and still have sleep paralysis on a usual basis. It's stupid but it was the worst dream I've ever had and still remember it vividly to this day.
  8. LuchadoreBob

    How To Make A Movie For YouTube (The Chronicle Of My Production)

    There's acting and story? You're already better than FreddieW lol
  9. LuchadoreBob

    what is your favorite video game song????

    Decide in the Eyes from F-Zero or the MGS2 Intro.
  10. LuchadoreBob

    What was the last album you listened to?

    The last full album I listened to was Boston by Boston. Classic Rock. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEDmFIUb83A
  11. LuchadoreBob

    Opie and Anthony vs. Furry Fiesta

    Holy crap I thought these guys were dead lol. Haven't heard these guys in years.
  12. LuchadoreBob

    Oh, Bethesda: your favorite or most memorable glitches.

    1. All of Fallout 3 for me as well 2. Had a dragon fly backwards in circles into space and disappear in Skyrim 3. Killed a bear with a shout and it started walking backwards when it was dead in Skyrim That's of what I remember at least.
  13. LuchadoreBob

    Quite Possibly One of the Most Offensive Songs Ever Written

    If you find that offensive then David Allen Coe would blow your mind away with its offensiveness.
  14. LuchadoreBob

    What Accent Do You Have?

    None at all; from the Midwest United States. The only bit of an accent that shows up here is a long "a" pronunciation.
  15. LuchadoreBob

    MMO Wildstar...

    I'm signed up for the closed beta, so if I get in I'll put up something about it.
  16. LuchadoreBob

    Furry Minecraft Server

    Nice server. Found a nice spot over the ocean as far away from other people's stuff as I could get before getting blown up by a creeper. :-D
  17. LuchadoreBob

    What would you do?

    Stop drinking.
  18. LuchadoreBob

    what's the most Nerdy aka 'Loser-y' thing you own?

    Nordic helmet and a Naginata. They go together I swear. :rolleyes:
  19. LuchadoreBob

    Lucid Dreaming

    I tried to do this the other night after stumbling onto this thread and I just had a dream where I kept getting hit in the head. So nothing different from my waking hours.
  20. LuchadoreBob

    Lucid Dreaming

    Randomly happened once a few years ago during a bit of sleep paralysis. Might look into trying to make it happen now though that I was reminded of its existence.