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  1. Awzee

    Quirks about yourself or your habits

    Rather than having one sleep, I tend to have two smaller sleeps each day, usually between 3-7AM and 5-8 PM
  2. Awzee

    How do/did you find your fursona?

    My first 'sona was a can of Royco Cuppa Soup. But about three years ago, I found a crow with a poorly wing in my garden, and with the help of advice from the UK Bird Trust, I managed to nurse him back to health, I was sad to let him go, so in his legacy Oz was born
  3. Awzee

    How did you find out about the fandom and what made you join?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t348e24vDyA No really, I forget, lol However what made me stay was a bunch of awesome people I met within the fandom
  4. Awzee

    What are your steam usernames, part 2-

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/BigHatOz/ Will probably be on TF2.
  5. Awzee

    Rik Mayall's dead...

    We will remember
  6. Awzee

    Favorite and worst Pokemon of all time- who did you choose?

    Blaziken is my favourite Pokemon. Kicky Chicken OP Worst? ... Lucario dont kill me pls
  7. Awzee

    Clingy FB friends.

    I only go on it to read the funny shit people from my old School type.
  8. Awzee

    I need help naming my new fursona!

    Kreiger? Atilus? Hadrian? Lucius? I'm bad at this. :(
  9. Awzee

    Partial vs Fullsuit. Are We Furry Enough?

    Partials are good if you be wearin' the right shit.
  10. Awzee

    Street Fighter + General Fighting Games.

    I've always been big on Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur, but I suck at that kind of game, only fighting game I've ever been decent at was MK9, and only if I picked Smoke. :u
  11. Awzee

    Are bronies furries?

    Can be.
  12. Awzee

    Is it ok to use inspiration from something already existing for a suit?

    Shouldn't be a problem. You'll be a walking advertisement!
  13. Awzee

    Furs who suffer/suffered from depression

    I'm supposed to take anti-depressants, but I don't because I'm not depressed. Doctors dish those things out to readily.
  14. Awzee

    League of Legends

    I remember when I first started playing LoL I thought MF's Make it Rain was the most OP super damaging ability ever Then I met Rengar and the tears haven't stopped yet.
  15. Awzee

    things that scared you when you were new to the fandom

    Agreed. That said horses are just plain creepy anyway Aint noone got no business having a face that long
  16. Awzee

    Doing an adult furry panel at a con have some questions about rules?

    I was thrown out of the last adult furry panel I was in for giggling too much. =( Penises are funny.
  17. Awzee

    Hey there, I'm new

    Puck is the most adorable name. Omg. Also welcome. :3
  18. Awzee


    'Ello there. The birdseed is mine, don't touch.
  19. Awzee

    This is bothering me.

    School don't do anything to stop bullying Slap his shit.