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  1. chazzforte

    Illustration/animation/music commissions ($25-$85)

    CHAZZ FORTE COMMISSIONS (UPDATED) Hey Hey, i had to update my price sheets for regular commissions as well as include some more options! Right now i’m doing commissions and i have some extra goodies to give to you guys! I’m still doing the illustration and character designs but i’m also doing...
  2. chazzforte

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW/sfw commissions for sale ($35-$55)

    hello! Im doing commissions at the moment since my day job sucks and I have to pay bills lol I’m open to doing almost anything, including nsfw, fetish, character designs, etc. the skies the limit :) I also can do simple animations (prices vary) Most illustrations will be $35 but it's an...
  3. chazzforte

    $25 portrait illustration sale

    hey. so long story short, i need to come up with money soon so i can move out and i need to do some commissions since my day job doesn't pay too much at the moment i'm willing to do full colored portrait illustrations. Since time is of the essence, i can't do anything TOO complex, and i can...
  4. chazzforte

    Cheap Commissions for sale

    Hey Hey!! want me to draw something for you at a reasonable price? I’m doing commissions again! I’m willing to draw ANYTHING, and yes, that includes OC’s/character sheets/nsfw/fetish art. My only exceptions:.. If you’re interested, be sure to message me or email me at ricky9006@gmail.com (the...
  5. chazzforte

    artist looking for work

    hello! i'm a digital artist looking for work at the moment to get a car and i'm free to doing anything! If you're interested, feel free to message me or email me at ricky9006@gmail.com and we can discuss prices. also if you want some examples of my work, check out my tumblr...