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  1. Shockey Rai

    5/17 Site Attack

    I can't believe someone would do that. :/ I hate people that do this kind of stuff.
  2. Shockey Rai

    Submission Problem: Cant Upload Anything

    I'm having the same issue. It can't be in Read-Only Mode, If it was. We would of gotten the System Message that it was.
  3. Shockey Rai

    Error Message: FA main site completely down (Errors 504 and 502)

    Well, Good thing i got Today's comic posted before the Site Outage happened. lol
  4. Shockey Rai

    Accidentally formatted my D: Drive.

    I accidentally formatted my computer's D: Drive while i was using Wii Backup Manager when i meant to format one of my External Hard Drives. (My Computer's main Drive is C: ) Is it bad that my D: Drive got formatted by accident? My laptop computer is a Compaq Presario CQ57-2299WM Notebook PC
  5. Shockey Rai

    Bug/Site Problem: No data received

    I'm also having the same problem.
  6. Shockey Rai

    Furry Minecraft Server

    I recently got Minecraft a few weeks ago. Been looking for a Server to join. This one looks good. I have 1.4.6 & A mod that lets me use my USB Game Controller. I'm ShockeyChuster on MineCraft
  7. Shockey Rai

    Bug/Site Problem: Notes don't seem to be working

    They are aware of it. Administrator notice: We are aware of the issues regarding the note system and search engine and will begin work on fixing them ASAP.
  8. Shockey Rai

    Connection Issues: Connection time out

    Not just you. It's happening to me too.
  9. Shockey Rai

    Failure Configuring Windows Updates.

    Here's the update history. A few did installed but not many. All those Failed's you see are reattempts to see if would install those times.
  10. Shockey Rai

    Bug/Site Problem: Search Not functioning?

    And yet it's still not restored. :P Eh, Thought that should be pointed out.
  11. Shockey Rai

    North Carolina Furries?

    Icard, NC. Always nice to know theres other furs in North Carolina!
  12. Shockey Rai

    How Many PokeFurs & Digifurs Here?

    I became a Pokemon sona May 2011, I'm a Raichu. I recently created a New Non-Pokemon Fursona back in May of this year, My non-pokemon fursona is a Badger.
  13. Shockey Rai

    Could the Sega CD and 32X have been good?

    The only games i ever played from 32x & Sega CD (via Emulation) were Knuckles Chaotix & Sonic CD. The only good games for those systems.
  14. Shockey Rai

    Gamestop may be selling retro games?

    I honestly don't get the bitching over GameStop, I have been shopping with them for over 2 years and the only problem i have had was i had gotten a badly scratched disc of Sonic Adventure DX for GameCube one time, But i got it exchanged for a working disc with no problem. ;)
  15. Shockey Rai

    Failure Configuring Windows Updates.

    I have noticed the recent Windows Update has problems being installed into the system. It seems to go to about 15% and then says Failure Configuring Windows Updates. Has anyone else been having this problem?
  16. Shockey Rai

    PSP Custom Firmware

    It differs on the type of Custom Firmware you wanna get, I highly reccomend the PRO-B Custom Firmware, Easy to Install I only Installed Custom Firmware for Emulators.
  17. Shockey Rai

    Good Drawing app for Android?

    Eh, It was what i could afford when i switched to T-Mobile.
  18. Shockey Rai

    Good Drawing app for Android?

    I checked Google Play, It is not compatiable with my current smartphone. (A T-Mobile Samsung Dart)
  19. Shockey Rai

    Good Drawing app for Android?

    I'm looking for a good drawing app for my Android Smartphone. Anyone know of any good ones?
  20. Shockey Rai

    My Laptop is Making a noise long beeping noise.

    Just my Wireless Mouse's revicer & My Logitech F310 Gamepad. The Only Storage Device i have is my microSD Card & It's Adaptor. No Kidding, This gave me quite a scare. Considering i've only had this Laptop since July 2011.