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  1. Griff-the-DevilDog

    502 Error and Page not loading

  2. Griff-the-DevilDog

    502 Error and Page not loading

  3. Griff-the-DevilDog

    502 what to do

    Oh Hey......its back up. "Nothing to see here, Move Along!" ಠ_ಠ
  4. Griff-the-DevilDog

    502 what to do

    502, what to do? Well, i am going to go outside today, and head to San Fran, and go to a Giants baseball game. May FA rest well, and be back up whenever it can recuperate. Until then, i will enjoy my day. ⊙ w ⊙
  5. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Who's the REAL Worst Band?

    All these bands suck, All mainstream Garbage, generic & bland, and collection of the worst, or most over hyped trash in the worsening music industry of today, i would vote them all. All together, they make a giant mass serving, long party sized, shit sub sandwich, which will give all who Eat...
  6. Griff-the-DevilDog

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    There's people of the same race, that hate others in there same race. There's people of the same religion, who hate others within there same religion. there's people in there fandoms, who hate others in there own fandom. Its not as uncommon as you think. Self haters exist, and some or many...
  7. Griff-the-DevilDog

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    Because he is possibly one of those "look at me! i am cool and edgy" HXC Self hating furry dudes, who listen to Brocore music, wears hoodies and baggy camo cargo shorts, Hits people while hardcore dancing, and goes to hatebreed concerts, and Hates EVARYTHANG! Nah seriously, i have no clue who...
  8. Griff-the-DevilDog

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    LOL That song, and album never existed. Pablo honey sucks. It never existed!... /end
  9. Griff-the-DevilDog

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    But I'm a creep! I'm a weirdo, What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here.
  10. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Admin Control Panel

    Said, "doc what's the condition I'm a man that's on a mission" Said, "son, you'd better listen Stuck in your ass Is an electrician" ~Beastie Boys
  11. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Submission Problem: Can't Submit & upload mp3 (6.97MB)- :V

    I been trying to upload an mp3, for the FA Audio meme thing. But for some odd reason, it wont load, and be submitted, it ether times out, or or error. and this shouldn't happen... Its 6.97 MB (max on FA is 10MB) the file works, so thats not the prob, its mp3 format, i know that for...
  12. Griff-the-DevilDog

    October Contest Winners

    Late congrats to all who won the October contest. :> good work!
  13. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Warning to FurAff

    Due to Curiosity, i went lurking the Interwebz to see who may have hacked that site with Dead animal images, and i found the source a day or so ago: Anonymous, and no, not of the well known (insert chan here site) many know of, Not the E/b/aum your thinking. its the 2nd rate known one...
  14. Griff-the-DevilDog

    FA Page Load Error

    I am having this problem too now, FA doesnt load. Maybe all the After Election journals Killed the site LOL.
  15. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Outage? (502 errors)

    I was getting 502 errors, but now i get "we will be back shorty" so i guess its getting resolved. which is good. it was a "php CGI error" one of the mods or coders said.
  16. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Bay Area dude Needs room For FC-any of you gonna be there?

    Well, it would be my 2nd year there, and my 2nd time failing to get a room because i am slow, slowpoke slow... and i plan to still got because if i don't get room, i may have a plan B option to stay at a fellow FA user i know here's home. but a close, hotel room is preferred be me more i...
  17. Griff-the-DevilDog

    The Site Is A Lie

    as much as the parody song may have some points.......i cant take it serious, due to the source :\ Furnation? :| FA may have an assload of issues, and aggravating problems, But Furnation is not liked by people ether, for just as bad, if not worse reasons. hypocritical i think...
  18. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Site down again?

    currently, i see white Background on the site. lol, so familar. hope its fixed soon. White screen rape Has returned. D: oh noes RUN FENDER! Tuck your tail in dude!
  19. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Site down again?

    LOL, GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE...R.I.P. [January 16, 2005-August 26, 2008]
  20. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Ghostlight Forum/Wiki Server Outage Discussion

    Dang. Deja Vu all over again? Hmmm........not sure. Time will tell. *goes off to another site, till new updates if FA being near back show up*