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  1. Kender3421

    Post-Apoc story wants characters

    Well, I'm starting to write a post apocalyptic story and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to have their character/fursona added into it. Here is the brief run-down of the story here: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?p=1572547#post1572547 What I am looking for is a few good men and...
  2. Kender3421

    Story Idea? Wanting input

    I thought I would throw this idea out there. I have an idea for a setting for a story and I thought I would throw it out here and see what everyone thinks. I looked back at the video games I played last year and two games stand out the most. Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5. Now both these games...
  3. Kender3421

    What to do

    So, I thought I would throw this out on the forum and see what kind of response I get. I have, so far, written a few series of fiction on FA but I seem to lack an audience. So I have questions about what i should do. My main problem is that I am ADD with writing. I start writing, notice...
  4. Kender3421

    New Fursona w/ picture

    Name: Conner Acker Age: 24 Sex: Male Species: Kit Fox Height: 6’ Weight: 157 Appearance: - Hair and fur: Black hair in a spike fashion and copper brown fur. - Markings: Black and grey back, black tipped tail, white underbelly. - Eye color: Brown - Other features: Very lean but muscular...
  5. Kender3421

    Uploading Question

    So, I've written allot of stories for FA but I have been seeing something that I don't understand. Some of the stories I see are written in notepad but when I upload notepad stories my quotation marks are replaced with a weird diamond shape thing with a question mark in it. If anyone knows why...
  6. Kender3421

    Reference Sheet/ First Drawing

    UPDATE: Thread closed. I have picked my commission. Hi everyone, I have two commissions I am looking for. I just came up with a new fursona to replace one that I outgrew. Reference Sheet N/A First Drawing I am also looking for a first picture for Conner. I prefer digital art but I am...
  7. Kender3421

    Kender's New Fursona

    Hope you guys like it. I had fun coming up with him. History and friendship details will be filled in on a latter date. Also, before anyone asks, I chose the Kit Fox because I have one living in my neighborhood in Southern Cali. Name: Conner Acker Age: 24 Sex: Male Species: Kit Fox Height...
  8. Kender3421

    Needing help/ advice

    So, I have created a fursona years ago (almost 5 now) but since that time I have grown up so much that I think it is time that Teige (my fursona) get either a massive revamp or gets replaced by a new fursona that more meets what I am today. The help I am looking for is this, I need to try and...
  9. Kender3421

    Starting a new story

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I posted here in Writer's Bloc, but I need some help. See I need some ideas on two things, the first being the title of the series. My stories always have titles like Time Drifts By or Quest for Freedom. However, I can't think of what this new one should be...
  10. Kender3421

    My Fursona

    Name: Teige Broin Age: 23 Sex: Male Species: Dingo Height: 5'11" Weight: 168 lbs. Appearance: - Hair and fur: Green hair and reddish fur - Markings: blond stripes - Eye color: Amber - Other features: White chest and yellow muzzle Skills: Great bartender, former amateur wrestler Weaknesses...
  11. Kender3421

    Request for a fem of my male

    Hey everyone. I have a somewhat of a tricky problem. See, my fursona, Teige, exists in my stories in which he has a twin sister. I am hoping that someone would be nice enough to make me a female version of him. I have a name, Jayna, and a reference pic of Teige to help everyone out that wants to...
  12. Kender3421

    Looking for an avatar/chibi avatar

    So, I just got this awesome pic from Skech earlier today and wanted to see if anyone could make me a avatar out of it. Also, if anyone wants to make a chibi version of Teige as a avatar, I would greatly apriciate it and, possibly, be willing to trade for some writing. Skech's pic of Teige...
  13. Kender3421

    Furry Batman?

    So, I don't know if it's the last few hours of watching Batman the Animated Series, Lego Batman or what but I have this inclination to make a furry version of Batman. So, I am putting it up here for two reasons. The first being is that I want to get some input on if anyone would read the stories...
  14. Kender3421

    Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails

    I got to see them live, last night at the LA Forum. Anyone else here see this amazing show they put on? I mean this show is fantastic. I don't think I'll ever see a show this good ever again.
  15. Kender3421

    To con or not to con

    I have to put this out here and get some opinions on the matter. I'm located in California and probably won't be moving anywhere else any time soon. I just recently decided that I was, indeed, a furry. I have never met another one, ever. I also am a writer, not a artist. My problem is actually...
  16. Kender3421

    Fanboys: The Movie

    I was just trying to find out who here is going to see the movie after all the drama it's taken to get it to theaters. For those who don't know, principal photography finished almost THREE years ago. It's about a group of Star Wars nuts who plan to break into Lucas Ranch to get a early copy of...
  17. Kender3421

    AC08 Bean Bag Art

    I'm trying to find some of the AC08 Bean Bag art because I think it's cool to see what artists do with the same base idea. If anyone can help me out and post links, I would appreciate it.
  18. Kender3421

    Looking for cover art

    Hey all, I'm looking for someone to make me some cover art for my series of stories called Time Drifts By. It is a romantic series with some humor and seriousness in the stories. What I am looking for is a picture of a pub sign. You know the ones that say something like "Feisty Goat," "P.J...
  19. Kender3421

    Avatar Request

    Hi guys. I'm looking for someone to make me a avatar of my fursona and main character from my stories. His name is Teige. He is a male morphic dingo with stripped(red base, blonde markings) fur, short, straight green hair, and soulful brown eyes. He is of tall height and has a slightly muscular...
  20. Kender3421

    I hate to ask for these but I need help

    I really hate to bother all the artists on here but I would like to make a request. I am looking for someone to make me an avatar and possibly a picture for my stories. The avatar is of the main character of my stories and my furry persona. His name is Teige. He is a male morphic dingo with...