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  1. Aeveirra509

    Changed the note system ???

    I really do not like how we can disable notes to our profile. Like the just themselves out ! Plus the FA staff worked hard to program that, it should be used. I think this is recent change, But even if it was not, it should be so that is not an option. :-(
  2. Aeveirra509

    Who actually "owns" FAU?

    Forgive me if anything like this this was asked /answered already elsewhere- if it was, I am not aware of it. I was wondering, since the deal with IMVU, who actually "owns", organizes and pays for the FAU convention? This is Furaffinitys' con, so if it is affiliated with FA, what -if any...
  3. Aeveirra509

    Who Has ESP?

    ESP : Extra Sensory Perception This just means obtaining information with an ability beyond that of the five senses. Abilities that fall under ESP can be both ( natural ) and ( supernatural) , having ESP does not mean you have to have only certain types of skills, but here are some of the most...