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  1. Limbo

    Sloth? Q w Q

    So I have this feral sloth character, but I'm poor at the moment and can only pay with written works. So this could be either a request or an offer of a trade if you will? The character is just a sloth, nicknamed flirty-sloth. It offers flowers to things it finds pretty. Thank you in advance...
  2. Limbo


    Need an anthro couple example. Preferably m/m, but I can do m/f or f/f. Example;; NSFW I am only accepting one, and it will be 3k or under words.
  3. Limbo

    Looking for several icons

    I have five characters that I would like to order icons of, and I'm looking to pay an average of five dollars or under for each of them. Most of them are not as anthro as my fursona, but here, let me give you images e we. In link form to avoid page stretching. Limbo Janik Nessie Turtle Evander...
  4. Limbo

    Limbo the Civet

    Meh, don't feel like doing a srs bio for this guy. He's a very sad individual. I dunno what else to say. MEET LIMBO I can't seem to attach as a file, so here
  5. Limbo

    Stories;; sfw and non

    NOTE TO ADMINS;; if this isn't the right place, my bad :V Okay, for a very short period of time I will open up three slots for commissioned writings, preferably smut writing, and because I'm VERY new to commissioned writing, we'll be doing this the very inexpensive way. For every 1k written in...
  6. Limbo

    Flori the Sugar Glider

    Fiori is no longer my 'sona because a.) I couldn't come up with a story, b.) I wanted to make a fursuit, and dem eyeeessssssss... were too big. That is all BAI
  7. Limbo

    Where's my welcome party?

    Naw, I kid you guys. I'm not exactly new to the furry forums, but I've always been a lurker, ya know. I never created an account or anything, and now I have. Wow, I'm lame, I apologize. Anyway, my name is Sand. I was originally going to be "Sandinmypants" but that was too much. If you get the...