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  1. snoopeh

    Telegram Stickers NSFW and SFW

    Hey there! I'm on an art spree today and would also like to grab some telegram Stickers. Basically I'm after a 3-4 NSFW stickers and about 6 SFW stickers. I can go into detail with anyone interested about what exactly I would like. I'd like to spend about $5 per sticker, but I can do more...
  2. snoopeh

    NSFW pup play art

    Hey! I'm looking for an artist for a NSFW piece for myself and my boyfriend. Looking at something with a bit of pup play, leash and harness, so we are needing an artist ok with kink. As far as price goes, there really isn't a limit although keeping it below $200 would be a bonus :D Looking...