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  1. Shockey Rai

    Accidentally formatted my D: Drive.

    I accidentally formatted my computer's D: Drive while i was using Wii Backup Manager when i meant to format one of my External Hard Drives. (My Computer's main Drive is C: ) Is it bad that my D: Drive got formatted by accident? My laptop computer is a Compaq Presario CQ57-2299WM Notebook PC
  2. Shockey Rai

    Failure Configuring Windows Updates.

    I have noticed the recent Windows Update has problems being installed into the system. It seems to go to about 15% and then says Failure Configuring Windows Updates. Has anyone else been having this problem?
  3. Shockey Rai

    Good Drawing app for Android?

    I'm looking for a good drawing app for my Android Smartphone. Anyone know of any good ones?
  4. Shockey Rai

    My Laptop is Making a noise long beeping noise.

    I was bringing up my computer from hibernation mode & after the Compaq boot-up screen, it was on a black screen & beeping continuously. What was up with that? O_o; I managed to get it started up, I need to know what the hell that was all about incase it happens again.
  5. Shockey Rai

    MicroSD Card Adapter Stuck in Read-Only mode.

    I dont know why. But my MicroSD Card Adapter seems to be stuck in Read Only mode & the switch keeps getting pushed to the locked postion & when it's not in the locked postion...It's STILL in Read-Only mode. Help...This is really annoying since i have to transfer my artwork & other things to...
  6. Shockey Rai

    DS Touch Screen Issue.

    It's not my Nintendo DS but my Niece's DS. Her Nintendo DS not too long ago was bought to me, My sister says that the touch screen is not working. I have been testing around with the touch screen, It seems to work ok for a little while but then it starts acting like it's being touched even...
  7. Shockey Rai

    Help! Video Codec Possibly screwed up!

    I think my computer's video codec (y'know that plays avi's and such) got f***ed up after my GPX Digital Media Player's Video Converter froze up on me. I cant do system restore cuz i did not make a restore point before this f*** up happened. Help! I gotta have this solved as i always review my...
  8. Shockey Rai

    ePSXe Emulator Problem

    When i close the emulator, its like it contiunes to run even though i closed the emulator. help? If this is something that cant be fix, Whats a better Playstation/PSX Emulator?
  9. Shockey Rai

    FRAPS Question.

    Everything i try to record with FRAPS seems to take a huge framerate drop. anyway i can improve that?
  10. Shockey Rai

    Eyecandy 6 General Error.

    I keep getting a General Error when i try apply a Eyecandy 6 Filter Effect. I did the memory & scratch disk thing as the Alien Skin website said too but its still doing it, i dont get why its doing that! Running Windows 7 just so you know.
  11. Shockey Rai

    Full Screen Problem.

    For some reason full screen (gamewise) is not filling in the entire screen. i'm aware that doesn't apply to every game but i dunno what i did but this is really anonying me.
  12. Shockey Rai

    A little help here?

    I have been trying to run NASCAR Thunder 2004 but this insufficient system memory error comes up. There is no way in hell my Compaq Presario CQ57 has only 4mb for System Ram. it cant be! unless i'm missing something... Running Windows 7 by the way.
  13. Shockey Rai

    Can someone idenitfy these Hard drives?

    i'm getting a new computer next month and i need the correct device to get my files off the harddrives of my 2 laptops that went kapoot www.furaffinity.net/view/5913867/
  14. Shockey Rai

    microSD card help.

    i recently bought a new a cellphone which happens to be a Android Smartphone and came with a 2gb microSD card & a adapter to use it on a computer. i was trying to transfer a few digital arts i did & transfer a few songs from my other mp3 player to use on my Samsung Intercept's built-in mp3...
  15. Shockey Rai

    xbox 360 question!

    I am considering on buying a XBox 360 maybe by my birthday & i need to know i dont have internet or a access point thats not secured nearby meaning i wont be able to use Xbox live to get dlc's or game patch & i was wondering anyway i can use a pc & download the dlcs & game patches to a Flash...
  16. Shockey Rai

    Wanna know something before i get a xbox 360

    I am considering on buying a XBox 360 maybe by my birthday & i need to know i dont have internet or a access point thats not secured nearby meaning i wont be able to use Xbox live to get dlc's or game patch & i was wondering anyway i can use a pc & download the dlcs & game patches to a Flash...
  17. Shockey Rai

    Disc repair?

    I recently bought a pre-owned copy of Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut from GameStop today. i only found a bit too late of a bad scratch thats keeping me from progressing any further after Chaos Zero is defeated. is there anyway i can repair this bad scratch to get the game working again?
  18. Shockey Rai

    Good 3D Modeling/Rendering program for begininers?

    Whats a good 3d modeling/rendering program for begininers? I have tooken an interest in doing 3d modeling & rendering. And i want to know what kind of 3d modeling & rendering programs that are good for begininers.
  19. Shockey Rai

    Help need!

    Any one familer with the HP Pavilion ze4400? Does anyone know where the hard drive is on that thing? I need to know. I plan to get a new computer because that computer is dead and Hypr suggested to me a Sata to USB Adapter. I was told i can get the hard drive out and transfer my stuff off...
  20. Shockey Rai

    Abuse of the block function?

    if this guy by the username of KexAndy watches you and you even say the slightest cuss word in your journals or artwork you'll be in his blocked list...and i tend to watch my launage on his userpage...i can understand a unwatch from that...but a BLOCK for cussing? that is downright the...