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  1. Khato

    And suddenly haywire.

    You deleted Internet Explorer?! No wonder everything is going haywire, Windows relies on IE to do pretty much every task, unfortunately. Unless I'm way out of date, Windows Explorer is integrated with IE. Did you delete explorer.exe, or iexplore.exe? How much and what did you delete, exactly...
  2. Khato

    GIF editing

    How's this? Outline's a bit rough, but the insides are a lot smoother. I use "Jasc Animation Shop 3", since a lot of newer image editing programs don't really like dealing with GIFs. The only way you can get smoother than this really is to re-outline the image yourself.
  3. Khato

    How steady is your hand?

    Hahaha, what. This made me laugh. x3 Also, a heart attack. That song was awful! ;)
  4. Khato

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    Pfft, don't be silly. x3 McDonalds is clearly not generic :P
  5. Khato

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    *nuzzlepouncescritch* ur fat !!! i feed u *feeds u ONE MILLION generic fattening foodstuff* Gwaaaaaaaaargh! :3 But seriously, it is putting me off slightly. I thought this thread was to discuss things.
  6. Khato


    I've heard of Albion! It's awesome. So rich in both history and art - the archetecture of Jirinaar is some of the best I've seen. x3 It's very pretty, you know. (I also have the boxed original of the game - no abandonware for me :D) I love it, and it's spiritual predecessor, Ambermoon and...
  7. Khato

    Evil Dead...being remade!?

    It might be a film-adaptation of Evil Dead: The Musical, so you never know. It seems likely, anyway ;) That would rock. But a straight remake wouldn't work. Everyone's already seen Evil Dead, and it's B-cheesiness :P
  8. Khato

    Pixel Art: Would you buy it, and for how much?

    Heh, eBoy IS impressive - but I doubt I have that much time on my hands to do something like that. x3
  9. Khato

    Pixel Art: Would you buy it, and for how much?

    Something that's sadly lacking in FA is pixel art. Having worked with pixels far longer than traditional art, I wanted to fill a niche that has, as yet, been underrepresented. I was thinking of opening commissions, but unfortunately I would not know how much to charge - having never...
  10. Khato

    Why not?

    Id. Superego. Ego. It'd be interesting if these developed in order. Because that's the order the brain develops the Id, Superego and Ego. I think you covered all the bases, here. :P Dunno about the golden eyes, though. They're kinda connotated with angelism or great evil.
  11. Khato

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    "Monster". He's not got any species whatsoever. He just a cartoon character :P
  12. Khato

    Anthro in mainstream...

    Er. Anthropomorphism is everywhere. It's everywhere. From Little Red Riding Hood to Alice in Wonderland, to the 90's Animals With Attitude videogames, to, well, everything, really. What's the difference between regular anthropomorphic and furry art? I fail to see any distinction. It's human...
  13. Khato

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    A CHALLENGER APPROACHES. Also, fat furs are awesome - I find them more interesting to draw than regular sized cartoons. x3 Also, Jakob:
  14. Khato

    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    Brown filter. And BLOOOOOM Add moar lens flaer for moar raelism.
  15. Khato

    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    It helps that my family is very, very liberal, and I don't actually have an interest in furry porn. That stuff is alien to me. All the stuff I show, and have on my walls, and talk about, is completely nonsexual. So uh, I guess I'm in an easier position than some of you.
  16. Khato

    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    Pfft, everyone knows I'm connected to the fandom somehow. Everyone. My sister is a bigger furry than I. Right down to the ears and tail on clothing. My dad wholeheartedly supports me drawing animal cartoons. Right down to wanting to display my work on the walls of his pub. I mean, heck...
  17. Khato


    Awww, totally awesome! It's like The King in Yellow in videogame form! Except that it doesn't have mind shattering truths. This sounds like a good idea for a story. Thanks for sharing. :)
  18. Khato

    Who do you want to win the console wars?

    Nobody. I hope they all fight to the bitter end trying to get better and better at releasing exclusive games that the console's respective fanboys will drool over and then catfight about. Then, as the console's usefulness draws to an anticlimatic close like a GCSE Drama play, complete with...
  19. Khato

    Sup, doods and doodetts.

    Hey there! I've been on FA for god knows how long now, and on the whole, I've enjoyed my stay here, but I've neglected going on the forums. So, there's no time like the present, is there? I'm Khato, cartoonist in training and pixel artist since forever, hailing from the island of England...
  20. Khato

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    I can't believe noone's mentioned Albion. It's one of the greatest games ever, but noone I've ever talked to has played it! (The spiritual prequals, Amberstar and Ambermoon I think are more popular.) Oh, and noone's mentioned (as far as I know): Amulets and Armor (Doom meets Dungeon Crawl -...