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  1. CoolSilver

    Furry sexuality

    I'm a straight fur myself. I find some male fur art to be cute. It usually is the playful, adorable cuteness though. These styles can be slightly feminized in ways. Not that all femboys are attractive but some do have that cute quality to them that makes me want to hug the hell out of them...
  2. CoolSilver

    do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

    I have one spiked collar that I thought was cool few years back I wore. Now it barely fits and well not sure why I bothered. My one ex always took it from me to wear.
  3. CoolSilver

    Are furries usually defensive in public? :(

    Either they wanted to be a dick or they trolled you. His friends were probably furs too. :P I swear we need a friendly gesture to make it known to other like ear flopping with your hands. When I am driving around every time I see a car with paws on it especially with other geek stuff I think...
  4. CoolSilver

    What's been the hardest thing about being a furry?

    After AC I had the same reaction and some this week after IFC. I just didn't have enough of poking around on FA or getting a fursona. Cause had I not gone my FA would been near blank and nothing of any character would been done. Something in the air ruined me... I think it was the feeling of...
  5. CoolSilver

    I dont get fursona's

    Took me a long while to start deciding on a fursona of my own. I didn't need one but part of me wants one so I finally sat down and thought of things that fit with me at least mostly.
  6. CoolSilver

    How the Unreal franchise could possibly come back

    Going back to a 2k4 style.
  7. CoolSilver

    Indy Fur Con 2012, August 10-12

    Planned, bought, done deal
  8. CoolSilver

    In a Furry Forum...For Why?

    Everybody Lurks
  9. CoolSilver

    Boyfriends and Girlfriends and Non-Specific Genderfriends

    My one ex was semi-furry herself. I had admitted to having furry tendencies. Last relationship didn't last long but I mentioned it and she knew. Didn't care. Single now and I'm not seeing it happening being how I am.
  10. CoolSilver

    Murrsuiters get event cancelled and possible full-life consequences

    At this point it is probably better to let it fade away than to pressure any one for proof. If any pressure is to be made it would be the organizers in a legal battle against those who slander and caused this to be falsely reported. IF they show proof, drop the case. If they really have none...
  11. CoolSilver

    Wearing a tail

    I wear ears and tail at cons. Other than that I have not out in public other than when a con is going on. At the con, why not? Others are also or suiting. No one is going to give you any more attention than the numerous others also around. I would not at work. That just seems far too...
  12. CoolSilver

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I <3 nuclear dawn
  13. CoolSilver

    Blacklight : Retribution (F2P FPS)

    Downloading to try it out.... I never want to uninstall other games though.
  14. CoolSilver

    What are your steam usernames?

  15. CoolSilver


    Most forums have a variety of ages and things to discuss. Don't worry I am sure you will fit right in. :)
  16. CoolSilver

    New person ahoy!

  17. CoolSilver


  18. CoolSilver


    Haha I rarely drink. If I do well it isn't more than a couple. Thanks for the welcome.
  19. CoolSilver

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    I mentioned to a few people I went to Anthrocon. Which spread to a few more. Most thought it was cool only a couple were making jokes about seeing "freaky" stuff. Some my friends know. My family... eh they know I go to anime cons and that is as far as they need to know. I'll go fursuiting once...