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  1. Dusty

    how can i tell my parents

    As said above its not big deal. Acting like its a sin and a dark spot on your soul is just going to make your parents supsicious.
  2. Dusty

    Swine Flu Epidemic

    pics or it didn't happen!
  3. Dusty

    Steam Username List

    Ceaser342 to add my but my actual name is ¥|RN|¥Dusty.
  4. Dusty

    Left 4 Dead PC gamers here?

    I'm already on your f-list if your the same ignis I'm thinking of :P ¥|RN|¥Dusty
  5. Dusty

    Bill banning human and animal hybrids (Making anthros illegal?)

    Our country was founded on opinions. Opinions can be good but like everything you have the overblown bad ones.
  6. Dusty

    Bill banning human and animal hybrids (Making anthros illegal?)

    I thought this was the sort of thing where they grow a human stomach in a pig then transplant it. They don't mean actual anthros as those are currently impossible.
  7. Dusty

    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    I still say GMOD the demands arn't as high on admins and there are some really nice server programs like ULX and such for admins. Throw in vote kick and vote ban then you don't really have to worry about the minges :P
  8. Dusty

    Onlive - Revolutionize PC Gaming?

    And the hilarious thing is I play both..... CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG!?
  9. Dusty

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    I would love a party :P sadly due to my generous spirit I only have Halo 3 and CoD 4 with me :(
  10. Dusty

    What is this "Twilight" think I keep hearing about

    I was told by a newly converted "Emo" that emo meant that they could feel the full range of emotion while me and other people couldn't. I then shat myself all over there face clearly showing I could feel anger, indignation, and vengefulness. Seriously I can't feel emotions? By that logic...
  11. Dusty

    What is this "Twilight" think I keep hearing about

    Its the current big thing. Like Harry Potter. I personally think its crap so I get disdainful stairs from my peers. Emos and "Outcasts" make up a good chunk of my school O.o
  12. Dusty

    RP Section Ideal

    I wouldn't mind it. I mean you have boards for the other parts of the fandom so why not roleplaying?
  13. Dusty


    Nevermind I don't feel young anymore. Anywho....
  14. Dusty


    YOU CALL YOUR SELVES YOUNG!? 16.... >.> >.> <.< <.<
  15. Dusty

    L4D Changes

    Not sure I like the hunter losing his fire damage. The rest I'm fine with though :P
  16. Dusty

    Online Roleplaying

    Cool :P Sorry for being slow and all :P If I might ask what part of kentucky are you from? It appears we're in the same boat :P
  17. Dusty

    Best/worst ways to die/Game Overs?

    Someone fell off the roof in pipeline on CoD4. I got killed by his martyrdom grenade. Thats the worst was I died. The best is in oblivion when I used paint brushes to try and climb to the top of the imperial city tower but I fell half way up :P
  18. Dusty

    Roleplaying buddy wanted

    I supose since I have nothing to do till saturday night I could join in :)
  19. Dusty

    Online Roleplaying

    I do rp :P Mostly we just come up with a basic outline and roll from there :P I was trying to get one started if your interested.
  20. Dusty

    Post your Steam ID :3

    Hey I think I accidentily ignored your invite :( Could you resend it? EDIT: NVM