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  1. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    Love is a cruel and yes strange emotion, Is it possible to be in-love with more than just one person? If so is it considered wrong? I have known someone for about 8 years. We met on the internet, he ended up joining the army, even so, we became pen pals and started at least some kind of a...
  2. Key Key

    what should I do?

    I've been talking to my friends about a certain situation on how to talk to someone I really don't want to talk to, but I have at persons stuff. I really want nothing to do with them, so my friends say wait for that person to talk to me on their own. So here's my question, what if the...
  3. Key Key

    ferret parties?

    my friend is on the phone with me, she told me that there is a club that is for owners of ferrets, where you take your ferrets to someone's house and have a "ferret" party..... her friend went to one tonight. does anyone else understand this??????
  4. Key Key

    help I need research

    Hi everyone, I need to get some quick research on Rachel Summers (marvel girl) from X-men, what was her character like, what were all the people around her like... basically everything. I'm reading all round the net but I really need some help PLEASE!!!
  5. Key Key

    I'm leaving FA

    I'm so hurt that I can't even breath, I can't stay on knowing how many memories I have with my ex- boyfriend. I'm sorry for all of those I "hurt" or whatever. But I can't take the feeling anymore. My heart is broken so so so broken, and everything on here reminds me of him, I so desperately want...
  6. Key Key

    what can I do about....

    hey all I have a clogged ear that is driving me nuts every time I swallow it pops kinda, this morning I woke up with it, I think I may have slept on it funny. I held my nose and blew, you know like when you are trying to pop your ears after flying on a plane? Well I did it popped but it sounded...
  7. Key Key

    sick kitty *meow*

    ugh... I have a sore throat and no medicine to take care of it, my daughter is sick too but I at least have medicine for her, what can I do to help this with out the meds. *sigh* *whimper whimper* *meow*
  8. Key Key

    Furrys v.s. fetish?

    hello everyone. I'm a fur who also likes going to fetish parties. I just wondered if anyone else did the same. me with my friend :)
  9. Key Key

    fox ears and tail

    hi everyone I'm looking for a reasonably priced set of red fox ears and tail please get back to me any way you can pm me if you need to. I need it by Halloween so please if anyone has it.... thank you
  10. Key Key

    Is love the real deal?

    I wrote this poem hoping to get others reactions to see if they can relate to me... here it goes. I am loosing my mind waiting for the time so to find myself in the arms of someone else Killing me at my early age the the simpleness of a turning page What to disappear for a while go farther...
  11. Key Key

    A poem from the heart of the undecided

    I am loosing my mind waiting for the time so to find myself in the arms of someone else Killing me at my early age the the simpleness of a turning page What to disappear for a while go farther mile after mile With the tears I cry I run away and hid A clouded mind only sees fog As if watching...
  12. Key Key

    Women Preferred

    What kind of women do you all like, this includes everyone, it doesn't matter what age or sex you are. If you are a women What best describes you if not all.
  13. Key Key


    hello all, I entered my daughter in a picture contest please vote for her or at least take a look thanks https://www.greatamericanphotocontest.com/voter1/index.aspx?referid=EmailFriends&p=736600&x=.jpg
  14. Key Key

    South Florida Con

    I want to start a con down here but I need to know how to go about getting the approval and the guest lists and all that good stuff. Please let me know if you have any advice to help me. thank you
  15. Key Key

    D&D, gamers and more

    Ok I play all sorts of games but I love Dudgeon and dragons and I usually play every sat. night well I found this on You Tube and thought it was great, Feel free to add any more funny videos. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_hlWl1PKfo
  16. Key Key

    Witch would you be? FAIRY TALES

    So I read a lot of fairy tales right, mostly brothers Grimm and Italian folklores. In a lot of the stories there are the good and bay guys and animals and such, And usually there is an old decrepit, wrinkly, shunned, foul creature know as a witch. Now witches have an abundance of magical...
  17. Key Key

    I Had a dream

    Ok I have been trying to figure out my animal or about a week now and have been going crazy now when I though I may have found it I have a dream that totally confuses me. PLEASE try and help me figure out what it means.... here it is I was in some forest, I was there doing some kind of...
  18. Key Key


    Hey all I have a friend of mine who is looking to promote his band, I've known him for years and would really like it if you all can just even take a look at it. (I secretly think he's a closet furry who wont admit) Never the less I thank you in advance for those who will just look. I don't...
  19. Key Key

    If you were Stranded on a deserted Island...

    With nothing but a Jock-strap, a Lighter and a piece of bread, You also have ONE item of your choice on your body. what is it? what would you do? How do you survive? :confused::-D:cool:
  20. Key Key

    South Florida Furries and more

    I live in the hell hole of south florida I was wondering if anyone here is also from South florida. At some point (not any time soon unfortunately) I would like the have a furry con even if it is at my house, My boyfriend and I would love to meet new people. Even if you not in South Florida I...