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  1. SavageBlueWolf

    old school snes favorites

    I must say my favorite snes game of all time is Super Mario All Stars!
  2. SavageBlueWolf

    My character reference is complete

    Here is my first complete reference sheet of my fursona.My orientation that is in the reference sheet is currently unknown at the moment!All art done by Wolfool:)
  3. SavageBlueWolf

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Been playing the hell out of Battlefield 4 recently.It was double xp last weekend and my rank went from level 17 to level 42 with using 5 extra 100% boosts that I got from battlepacks!!I love playing metro and locker but theres others I like but these two levels are always fun to play on!
  4. SavageBlueWolf

    Destiny Based Furry Clan? (Xbox One)

    I'll be getting it to on Xbox one indeed!!
  5. SavageBlueWolf

    Wolf Reference Sheet

    Thank you all for helping me get a reference sheet!It was a tough choice but I found someone! Thanks again
  6. SavageBlueWolf

    Wolf Reference Sheet

    Hi! Im new at the blog and looking to get a reference sheet of my Wolf!(Avatar that is in profile) My fursona name is "Savage" and he has blue fur with blue eyes and yellow in his eye that represents the inspiration in the sunset that I took at my lodge(can be viewed in my profile)!I love...
  7. SavageBlueWolf

    While (1>2)

    Im pretty sure its on youtube because a friend of a friend told me he pre-ordered it and got three free songs from Itunes.I just searched it and found the 3 songs called seeya,infra tubo pigcart racer and phantoms cant hang from his album!!I cant wait either and I got his last album ">album...
  8. SavageBlueWolf

    Meet Lupo - The Anthro-Wolf (and Leon too)

    Nice description and welcome!!
  9. SavageBlueWolf

    So what do you want commissioned?

    I would get my avatar of my wolf to have a full body to look like furry art!! I do have the money for such I just dont know where to look where a professional of that skill would be!!
  10. SavageBlueWolf

    Im new to this website,Sup!!

    Oh I am active I'm on now lol
  11. SavageBlueWolf

    What does your 'sona mean to you?

    My fursona means alot to me in every way,I try to evolve it anytime I try too.It all started when I liked wolves, it became much closer to me where I actually got spiritually connected back in 2011 by a sunset that I took a pic of while at my lodge in Hillman, Michigan(can be viewed on my...
  12. SavageBlueWolf

    The "Hi, I'm the new guy!" Post

    Welcome to the forums, Im new as well!!
  13. SavageBlueWolf

    Im new to this website,Sup!!

    Thats a hard question to answer, the only one that comes to mind is to meet new friends and talk I guess! Im just so confused
  14. SavageBlueWolf

    Im new to this website,Sup!!

    What kind of books anyway and by the way sorry as I didnt put the right amount of info to start.Didn't know what feedback I'd get but I now I know!
  15. SavageBlueWolf

    I'm new! Come say hello =)

    Near Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan
  16. SavageBlueWolf

    I'm new! Come say hello =)

    For me I live in Michigan but only went to Pittsburgh PA to see family but that was it!!
  17. SavageBlueWolf

    I'm new! Come say hello =)

    I'm new too!! Nice name and welcome!!
  18. SavageBlueWolf

    I did it! I finished my sona :D (for now)

    Nice man!! My fursona keeps evolving every time I get a tattoo,different color and expression but the tattoo I have on my profile signifies alot to me which is strength,overcoming fear and overcoming everything that comes in my path!!
  19. SavageBlueWolf

    Prepare for TitanFall

    I checked my friend requests/followers and didnt see it what is it??
  20. SavageBlueWolf

    Prepare for TitanFall

    I'll pm my gamertag