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  1. Lillie Charllotte

    San Fransisco Fun!

    http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=-iI5BYC3xBs Me and my friend's went to Japan Town and pier 39. Watch, hella funny.
  2. Lillie Charllotte

    Another FA Game.

    ... WHAT KIND OF SOCKS ARE YOU WEARING? I'm currently wearing pink ones with black stripes.
  3. Lillie Charllotte

    I am sick, of those I am sick, of those I am sick

    Seriously. Fa, stfu.
  4. Lillie Charllotte


    Any suggestions? 'Cause I can't think of anything except upholstery foam, but that would be hell.
  5. Lillie Charllotte

    My jesus, I'm 18.

    Woo! Oct 11, I'm eighteen. Now, gemme limbs. >.< Now, I can finally vote, go to stip clubs and buy cigarettes. Hehe. that plus I'm no longer a minor. Just wanted to tell you people. ^.^
  6. Lillie Charllotte

    Sac Con tember 27

    Downtown sacramento if anybody goes. XD Sunday September 28 , 2008 Scottish Rite Center
  7. Lillie Charllotte

    Piercings And or Tattos.

    How many you got. (If any.) And what do you want. I've been loaded with piercings but I only kept my eyebrow so far. I'm deciding for tongue or septum.
  8. Lillie Charllotte


    If anyone can help is it possible to make dreads from yarn and/or other things. And any tutorial on how to make it. Google fails for me. ._.
  9. Lillie Charllotte

    Your favorite fruit and/or veggie?

    What is your favorite! Don't say homo or comatose people... Right now I'm craving a salad. 'Cause it's that time of month. But yeah, I love lettuce.
  10. Lillie Charllotte

    Main inspiration.

    I want to know the main inspiration of your fursona. Such as music, animal, feeling, or spituality. An odd thing, yes.
  11. Lillie Charllotte

    Visual Kei

    ヴィジュアル系 Visual Kei, anyone? Any inspired by any of it? Hee.
  12. Lillie Charllotte

    How many of you smoke.

    Cigarettes or other? I made this 'cause I'm craving a cigarette and cannot get my little paws on one right now.
  13. Lillie Charllotte

    Bonjour, FA Forum.

    Well, obviously I'm new to this forum and hopefully I can do some interesting things on this forum and meet some interesting people. Well, I am French and I do know English very well, it may be possible if I mess up once or twice. (Honestly not trying to be Conceited) Also I'm eating a...