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  1. Plagued

    Hiring: [Closed]Looking for Artist for NSFW Monster Girl Game $500+

    Due to my main artist going MIA! I'm back. Looking for a long term artist for 2D game. Humans, Monsters, Furry, Humanoid Monsters. The easiest way to describe what I am building, without giving away too much, is "Darkest Dungeon" x "Legend of queen Opala" x "Slave Maker". Artwork needed...
  2. Plagued

    Hiring: [Closed for Now]Looking for Artist for NSFW Game

    [Closed until I can sort through the current amazing art] Currently making a shortlist of artists for 2D platformer. Humans, Monsters, Humanoid Monsters. Artwork needed: Portraits, Full body(clothed/unclothed), NSFW, but nothing too extreme, weapons, armor. In some cases I will need the same...