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  1. LuchadoreBob

    What's a good resin and where to buy?

    Just wanted to know what a good resin would be and where to get it? I'll be casting parts of props and eyes. Thanks for the help ahead of time.
  2. LuchadoreBob

    Want an opinion on what version of a character to build for a furry cosplay

    Want to do Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank as a cosplay and I'm having difficulty deciding on what version I want to do. I am capable of making suits, armors, cloths, and I can work with plastics and resins so none of the versions would be a problem. I was thinking of doing the armor-less...
  3. LuchadoreBob

    Blizzard is getting nailed atm (D3 launch)

    Diablo III's servers can't handle the load being put on them. battle.net is mostly down (D3 portion at least). I expected this to happen. Anyone else exited to play Diablo III in six hours? lol
  4. LuchadoreBob

    This is awsome. Want one.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNZCZsHJIR8&feature=g-u&context=G2471410FUAAAAAAACAA A co-worker sent me this a little bit ago. I want one now, even though I'd probably end up in a tree. Thoughts?
  5. LuchadoreBob

    Got around to making the "Hi, Im new" thread

    Figured Id do this now since I'm not busy at the moment and have nothing better to do. So... Been on FA for a few months, no so long on the forums; just been kind of wondering around. Im 23, I enjoy gaming (PS3 and PC), automobiles, circuit racing (driver), science and physics, all music and...