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  1. Shay Feral

    Recommend a laptop

    Okay, I've got a job that's going to require me to be out away from home for extended periods of time and one of the first things I want to do once I get my finances caught up, is to start saving towards a nice laptop I can do some gaming on. I would highly prefer a laptop for this due to the...
  2. Shay Feral

    Forza Horizon 2

    Anyone out there play Forza Horizon 2? Currently I can't play online due to limited internet access, but I hope to have that solved very soon. But I like to run B class, Muscle Cars. Ain't anything quite as fulfilling like beating an A class Mercedes roadster in a '79 Z28 by cutting through...
  3. Shay Feral

    Got myself a computer

    It's not an amazing setup by any means, but it's a start. It belonged to a friend of mine who got it while taking classes at Everest, it was his class PC and looks to have been custom built. I traded my Xbox one to it plus $200 boot, so essentially I'm into the computer for $200. Specs 1...
  4. Shay Feral

    Quick help for printer software

    I'm installing a printer/scanner combo that was given to me by my neighbors. I downloaded the proper driver but it's in an executable file and will not allow me to select the directory in which I want to install the drivers, so I keep getting "Drive C:/ is full" because my drive letter is E:/...
  5. Shay Feral


    If there is anything I know it's cars, specifically Muscle Cars. I've grown up around them my hole life, my dad has had countless of them as I was growing up. A couple cars I can think of in particular was his 1967 SS Chevelle with the 396 Big Block. My dad and uncle both had one, my dad had a...
  6. Shay Feral

    Car Stereo

    I've got a 1974 Chevelle and I'm hoping to have it drivable again by spring time, and one of the things I want to get for it before I get 'er licensed is a stereo system. I'm not interested in anything over the top, I listen to hard rock not rap so I've got no reason for glass shattering bass...
  7. Shay Feral

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Anyone else have this reserved, or planning to get it? I was a huge fan of Fallout 3, still am actually. I put countless hours into roaming the capital wasteland, there was not a place anywhere that I wouldn't explore. I even went as far to get close enough to vault 87 to unlock it as a...
  8. Shay Feral

    Forza Motorsport 3

    I'm gonna get it on Monday when I get paid, anyone else gonna get it or have already got it?
  9. Shay Feral

    Should I upgrad or just replace?

    Okay, I'm thinking about upgrading my computer so I can play a few games on my PC that I can't run on my laptop. I've got a Toshiba Satellite L305 2.0 GHz processor 4 gigs ram Mobile Intel 4 Series Express video card (128 meg) and what I want to upgrade is the processor and the video card, the...
  10. Shay Feral

    insert clever title here

    *insert witty introduction here* I'm Shay, I've been apart of fur affinity for two years now. I figure I would join the forum and be apart of the verbal community. My interests include Muscle Cars, classic rock/hair metal, some guns, video games and furries of course!