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  1. Springdragon

    If furries became mainstream

    I think it would be a good thing. The furry community is incredibly creative compared to most other groups of people. If we could get everyone out and creating fursonas, building suits, playing with animatronics, and generally putting as much energy into art and writing and comics as the average...
  2. Springdragon

    From an actual psychological point of view, why are furries attractive?

    There's no particular need, but some people find speculation to be entertaining. Personally, I theorize that it's an association with the community. I do not find anthros to be more or less attractive than regular humans of the same stylization. I'm using manga style drawings and fanart as a...
  3. Springdragon

    Matching Species to a Race

    If the kangaroo character is speaking English, I imagine he or she would still have an Aussie accent, having learned it in an Australian environment, but English may not be his or her first language. By the same token, a Native American animal such as an elk would still speak English with an...
  4. Springdragon

    your latest OC

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16726477/ Littlest Necromancer and Biggest Dog. Not sure if counts. Is essentially myself and Roommate1 reformatted into an RPG universe. (Roommate3 might be joining in as a paladin hyena someday.) The rule is, if I'm not being paid for it, I can draw however...
  5. Springdragon

    Popular Mediums When Creating Art..?

    If you have the space for it, watercolor is pretty easy and cheap compared to other types of paint. I also like to do just pencil sketches on paper, but many artists like to use colored pencils and markers. Personally, I hate markers and find them far too expensive and difficult to blend, but...
  6. Springdragon

    How do i create the artwork?

    It works pretty much the same way as the standard art process. Step 1: Research. (Skip this step if you are just doodling, or doing really simple work.) Get references of the thing you want to draw. Do some mockups. Look at colors. Etc. Step 2: Brainstorming. That means a ton of thumbnails...
  7. Springdragon

    Matching Species to a Race

    In a furry world that pretty much mirrors the real world, I think it's appropriate to assign species according to national origin or culture, but not necessarily according to race. Race is rather ambiguous, messy, and difficult to hybridize. Going back to the Japanese Shiba, it's appropriate...
  8. Springdragon

    Wht Is It Like (is it greener??) (dating questions)

    I'm not sure if it's a result of my own perception or if there's any basis in reality, but I've found that guys tend to be less fearful. I don't have to worry so much about reading between the lines. It's easier to keep track of my partner's thoughts and opinions because I'm likely to get a...
  9. Springdragon

    Quality Art delivered by Christmas

    Update: Two sketch slots left.
  10. Springdragon

    Quality Art delivered by Christmas

    Update: Four sketch slots left. Also, now that FA is back up, please send me a note there, instead of an email.
  11. Springdragon

    Quality Art delivered by Christmas

    Update: The painting slot has been taken, but I'm still open for a batch of sketches.
  12. Springdragon

    Quality Art delivered by Christmas

    Painting Slot: Xaviera Sketch Slots 1. Karcenogen - Shamus Halfbody Shaded - DONE 2. EchoFoxtrot - Rain Fullbody Shaded 3. KodiakOne - Kodiak Fullbody Shaded - WIP 4. 5. Since FA is still in read-only mode, please contact me by email at SilentSpringdragon@gmail.com
  13. Springdragon


    My point was more that nobody is going to try to make the argument (or shouldn't) that since you weren't using a U-lock, you must have put your bike outside as free for the taking, and therefore it wasn't actually theft.
  14. Springdragon


    I agree that the website isn't actually doing that much harm, but it bothers me that there are people out there who think this is ethically sound, and I worry that the existence of the site will be used as a backwards justification. I've been told, "Don't post your work online if you don't want...
  15. Springdragon

    Advice Needed: Humble Violet Acrylic

    Link to Image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11298135/ The two purple circles in the bottom are throwing off the image. I've painted over them with white, but I don't know what to put there now. It should probably still be something purple, but what?
  16. Springdragon

    What sort of art makes good prints?

    In that case, do you have any suggestions out of my gallery that might be good? (Or perhaps pieces that could be reworked?)
  17. Springdragon

    What sort of art makes good prints?

    I don't think any of the current art that I have would qualify, since they are mostly commissions. I was planning to make a completely new set of paintings specifically for the purpose of printing. This is the only digital one I've started this far. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11282998/ I...
  18. Springdragon

    What traditional materials do you use?

    I like to use a water pen and cake watercolors. At home I like acrylics and watercolor pencils or tube watercolors, but they aren't as nearly as portable. For pencils, a plain old mechanical pencil is fine for me, so long as the lead is B and not H. Since I like to control the darkness with...
  19. Springdragon

    What sort of art makes good prints?

    That's very interesting. I suppose it makes sense that a harmonious color pallate has a huge effect on the overall impression of a piece, but I've not heard of any actual research done on it (aside from the usual advertising, packaging, and point-of-sale stuff in retail) Do you remember where...
  20. Springdragon

    What sort of art makes good prints?

    I'm going to mostly furry conventions, so I assume that anything with a human, elf, troll, or orc is out, and I should probably focus on popular species like canines, felines, dragons, and vulpines, and to a lesser extent; otters, ferrets, raccoons, deer, horses, dolphins, sharks, etc, and avoid...