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  1. Dusty

    Episode 3 omg!!!!

    Last night I decided to add Internet Explorer to STEAM under the name Half Life 2: Episode 3 and see how long it took people to notice. It turns about to be 2 minutes. TheRunner: wtf TheRunner: How are you in HL2: Episode 3?..... ¥|RN|¥Dusty: Torrent ¥|RN|¥Dusty: leaked TheRunner: O...
  2. Dusty

    My Fursona

    Hello and thanks for poking at my thread :) Since this is a request I fully understand if you don't color it or if it takes longer then your comissions. Thank you so much in advanced! Male Lion Biped digigrade Decently built About 5' 11" However he is a soldier dressed in his...
  3. Dusty

    Hello! Again....

    Heya I'm just saying high a second time around. Due to many circumstances beyond my control (school,parents,weather/acts of god) I haven't been here in many months :( Thankfully now I'm back and I can finally get into all the community goodness I've been missing and even submit some music :O...
  4. Dusty

    *Salute* Dusty is reporting for Duty!

    Hello as you've probably guessed my name is Dusty. I've been watching the site off and on for about a month and decided to go ahead and register on the forums :P Intrests: Military Hardware Guns Role Playing Gaming History & Disscussion I hope to have a good time here :P