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  1. Key Key

    The Inauguration

    I'm watching it my daughter is clapping with everyone on T.V.
  2. Key Key

    So like...

    hey there welcome pm me if you need anything
  3. Key Key


    welcome hope to see you here if you need anything pm me
  4. Key Key

    Is Dr. Seuss a Furry?

    Welcome to FA hope you have fun
  5. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    Lol well as far as Hippie why not It's better than having a grudge on innocent people right? My ex is a furry in fact he was the one who made me realize I was one to, My child father isn't and I'm not even going to tell him, and my other friend is a furry. As far as telling my ex how I feel...
  6. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    I understand. Love no matter what kind is officially strange in my book.
  7. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    congratulations *does a party dance* lol true
  8. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    lol sure why not
  9. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    nope I think you deserve the best, as does everyone, I don't think your an asshole at all, I have had time to become more mature which is why I haven't been on, call it a realization if you will. I don't hate anyone anymore and I really wish you the best, and that is the honest truth, I am done...
  10. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    eh... no biggie I never claimed to be perfect
  11. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    eh I don't care very much about what you or anyone with negative attitudes have to say, I learn from my mistakes and take responsibility for them nonetheless I really don't care, I hope you have a happy life and that every goes the way you want, really I do.
  12. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    You know what? you are absolutely right, why should I waste my time with the ones I love who obviously don't love me, either the same, or not at all. The only down fall is that I've been with my child's father for about 5 years now, my longest relationship, that I am in that "comfort" zone. I'm...
  13. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    yes yes it's me.... and your point is? I was referencing to my army friend being married only 5 months before I reunited with him, but it's pretty much all good, I'm happy we are just friends, but what made me think about all this was when he said he loved me it was kinda a shocker. *shrugs*...
  14. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    The weird thing is I'm not as attached as I would think I would be, It's almost as if I'm kinda numb to it all but in the same aspect it's the "wishing" part of it all. My child is my main love forever, I'm just a bit confused to and extent, meaning I don't I have ever found my true love and am...
  15. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    sorry about that, the love is still kinda vague to me too, like the father of my child- I love him but not in-love with him. I've always been in-love with my army friend, I would do almost anything to see him happy but we have never officially met so to an extent it's kinda different and my ex...
  16. Key Key

    Losing your virginity.

    I'm a virgin with a kid lol
  17. Key Key

    Iorny at it's finest

    Love is a cruel and yes strange emotion, Is it possible to be in-love with more than just one person? If so is it considered wrong? I have known someone for about 8 years. We met on the internet, he ended up joining the army, even so, we became pen pals and started at least some kind of a...
  18. Key Key

    when was the last time you had a donut?

    The other day, yum chocolate with white cake filling
  19. Key Key

    Post a Random Fact About Yourself

    I'm a very affectionate person
  20. Key Key

    I want snow...

    I really want to see snow again but I wont I live in the hell hole of south Florida. I wish you luck and if you do get snow... please dedicate it to me :) lol